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  • itwillgoup itwillgoup Aug 4, 2011 9:58 AM Flag

    Might be worth a shot

    Nothing else is going up and Mill is really cheap if it all works out.

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    • My point is that she uses language which is legally defensable. She called the 10K "a mess" - which it was not.

      You can't sue if someone calls your 10k a "mess" - you can if they call it "dishonest" or "untrue". Which Ms. Davis never said EVER. But she can say "raises questions" - an innuendo that never crosses the line of slander or libel, yet has no true meaning.

      I don't to profess to understand THE market. But I do understand markets.

      For example, the market for petroleum based products, such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, turpentine, plastics, cosmetics, chemicals, etc. continues to be strong. And the Cook Inlet in Alaska is an overlooked petroleum basin. MILL lucked out and picked up assets in a bankruptcy auction for less then 2% of there market value. Kind of like buying a Picasso in a yard sale, rare, but IT DOES HAPPEN.

      Sell if you want. The market needs people who are willing to sell.

    • richard_mantz Aug 5, 2011 10:34 AM Flag

      That is known as one sided journalism and indicates a lack of professionalism on the part of the journalist. She implies guilt when there is none to imply. Compare her writing to Bob Flaherty who uncovered many good and bad companies and wrote about them, when he wrote about a bad company, it was always a balanced article so you got the total picture. Or Ray Dirks who won an insider trading case at the US supreme court. When you compare their work to the Street Sweeper, there is no comparison. She ought to change the name to the Street Walker to better fit her mentality.

    • When the revised 10-K gets filed, if KPMG signs off, then IMHO they will remain as auditors, which will bode well for MILL.

      If KPMG is NOT on the letter and has resigned, then look out below

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      • s.gallagher Aug 4, 2011 8:44 PM Flag

        It is a BIG chance for sure. I'll bet it's a new auditor though. I just pasted a paragraph from the latest SS article.

        "For starters, that filing reveals, Miller already faces a crackdown by SEC regulators demanding omitted financial statements for three acquired companies – including a core Alaskan subsidiary that reshaped its parent’s books – before they will approve the crucial paperwork necessary for additional stock sales. Miller claims that it was unable to supply the financial reports for its new Cook Inlet Energy (CIE) unit in Alaska, an addition that now accounts for the vast majority of the assets and revenues on its books, because the former owner of those assets failed to maintain proper records before filing for bankruptcy and abandoning its operations. Miller further states that it does not believe that it can obtain those audited financials, either, “which will adversely impact our ability to raise additional capital” unless the SEC – unbending so far – decides to change its mind and waive those mandatory reports."

      • I got a response from IR and they told me that as soon as 10-K/A is out they will call a CC to strongly rebut all false allegations and calm the investors down.
        The question is when will it be out. Still waiting to hear back

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