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  • olejos olejos Oct 12, 2011 9:14 AM Flag

    Operational update

    look up MILL.Read the headlines.back up to more headlines ...maybe Sept 9th.Read.Companies put out quarterly reports and up dates.You are supposed to read these and not ask your Dentist for a hot stock tip.Get better at research .Keep some cash around to buy more on the dips.Dont panic if the price goes down .when you have read the reports and studied well you will be more confident.There is no such thing as a dumb question....except for that last one you asked.We will make an exception.Did that help?

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    • Pvxbasher's posting pattern has been consistent for about a year. He posts negative "sentiment" only - never any actual information.
      He gripes whenever there is no drilling taking place - although it is not this company's style to tell the public when they first begin to drill or rework a well.
      He just gripes uselessly - and somewhat crazily - and then when there is some good news, progress on a rework or perhaps a report on well testing, he says nothing.

      When the reworks on Osrprey begin this winter, and the results start to be announced, hell disapear. Then when there are periods when there is no news of production increases, he will post about "the drillbit not turning".

      He may be a child, or a feebleminded person, or just a jerk. But his posts on this forum a childish, stupid, and demonstrate a clear lack of experience in the oil and gas business.

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