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  • colecoman1 colecoman1 Nov 8, 2011 10:17 AM Flag

    Why MILL will pop in December...

    I have famously predicted MILL at $8 in December. Here's why...

    1. Cold weather makes oil harder to extract. This means less oil will be making it to Cushing, and the resultant lower supply will increase the WTI published price. The price is already creeping up, and I believe it will push past $100 per barrel. That creates a psychological ripple effect on stock prices for the entire oil and gas sector.

    2. Another good quarterly report. With oil prices staying above $70 all year, MILL has realized a good return on investment. Another good quarterly report will be proof that the sky is indeed not falling. That will shake off some apprehension about the stock price and attract more retail investors.

    3. The big rig will be up on the platform! With pictures and everything! Plus, they will begin the process of reworking, if they haven't already. Then begins a series of announcements about increased production. MILL will be a "hot" stock again, as the obvious extreme discount makes it irresistable to institutions. Shorts will have to get out for at least half a year!

    4. Other news in Cook Inlet. Escopeta has begun using a jack-up rig. And Apache, America's eleventh largest oil producer, is exploring using seismic technology all around MILL's position in Cook Inlet. Whatever they produce will need to processed somewhere. Kustatan production facility, perhaps? Not too far a stretch since a slide show David Hall gave last year shows that Apache's employees are already using the Kustatan as a base camp!

    5. The "lawsuits" will fade away to memory, only to show up years later as either dismissed or settled out of court.

    I'm a little nervous that it won't hit $8 in December, but I am standing behind my belief that it will hit $12 in June.

    Any thoughts?

    (pvxbasher don't forget to chime in. This time, try to ham it up a bit more. I dig your whole "Yoda" thing, too.)

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