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  • mr_kevin_1andis mr_kevin_1andis Feb 16, 2012 10:27 AM Flag

    Let me just tell you this....

    The smart money is still moving into this company behind the scenes as well as out in the open. This is not speculation. I can also tell you that you have not heard the best of what is happening yet. When everything and everyone is properly positioned and the time is right you will start seeing some very bullish reports and stunning numbers. This company has not climbed from the 2s when I appeared on this board, to the 4s so quickly by accident. There are hard facts that will come out that will continue to move Mill much higher. There is nothing that can stop it. If you want to hit a home run you are in the right place.

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    • My strategy, as well, in in a high reward, high risk account is to use 4 to 5 positions . I sleep better when 1 stock that I totally like , doesn't act well.

    • I am an agrressive investor, have always been that way. Overall, have been much more successful than not- being aggressive. I appreciate your information- just trying to gauge how confident you are with the situation, given the fact that you have intimate knowledge of MILL's operations. WOW, I am impressed, you have 100K shares, makes me feel like a pee-on!! eheheheheheeee.
      Anyway, best of luck to all long and thanks again for your insights, much appreciated!

    • and to wolf if the stock jumps up to quick & too much,pull out your original lunch money that you started with.Maybe invest in 4 or 5 oils stocks.I like kog,tiv,ssn,useg,des.feed cash in monthly for several months.

    • Alpha...I don't feel comfortable telling you what % of your assets I would recommend for you to invest. I dont know enough about your personal situation.I would tell you to stay within your comfort level and NEVER no matter how good something looks put all your eggs in one basket. This puppy has a long way to go from here. Enjoy the ride and be content with your gains. I will post as much info as I can as time passes. I have about 100k shares.

    • I failed to mention in the prior post, this message is directed at Kevin. Thanks, Wolf.

    • Of course this is being nosy, however, can you provide some insight into the percentage of your assets you have parked on MILL?? I have built quite a postion that I am comfortable with, however, when a homerun occurs, we can never have eonough. Long MILL.

      Thanks in advance, I appreciate your insights.

    • I would say I use caution in what I believe on message boards, but I believe Mr. Kevin has credibility in his statements and his statements appear to have substance I put stock in them. I added to my MILL position again today. I am convinced that this is a gem in the making, along with a world backdrop of war potentials building by the day, can you say $120 oil coming in a couple months?? LONG MILLionaire!!

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      • I am bullish on this stock short term for sure. But if I cant verify something that is said, I dismiss it. Unfortunately, there are so many small traders who use these boards for research, it is very easy for a well organized group to either pump up a stock short term or, in most cases, drive it down after shorting. Such was the case with Miller Energy in the summer. It was heavily shorted, then a group questioned the company's claims. By the time the company was able to respond and clear it up, the stock had lost more than half it's value. I'm not saying that Kevin is trying to manipulate the stock. He may actually just be someone with firsthand knowledge of the Alaska projects, and he wants a bunch of total strangers to profit along with him. If that's the case, he is a nicer guy than me, because I would be quietly accumulating.

    • I don't believe anything that anyone says on a message board, but I do know that a short squeeze is taking place, and it will continue to climb until the short interest is down to a more normal percentage. Now, should something come out that creates a rush to buy, that will only force the shorts to scramble to cover more quickly, which will drive it up faster.

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