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  • m36lambert1980 m36lambert1980 Mar 12, 2013 5:57 PM Flag

    Tennessee / Alaska

    I could barely understand that guy going over Tennesse operations, David Vohicky I believe. Sounds like they are struggling with operations there and the production isn't coming easy, still learning. Alaska sounds more appealing at the moment with plenty of targets there. Still no flow rates with Ru7 and Ru1 won't get a production jump for a while.

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    • BUMP

    • The TN Operations guy has a big fan base...but so far I think he's LONG on talk (although it really sounds like a lot of BLAH, BLAH, BLAH) and Short on accomplishments! Others will come on this board and praise him to no end...but, they too, cannot provide concrete info as to what he has done. From what I gather from his supporters.... It's all EPA's fault! Well EPA exists in MT, TX, ND, Marcellus Shale, etc., etc, etc, and lotsa wells gettin' done there go figure! Sure glad he isn't running the AK operations!

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      • Chazooks, what do you want the TN operations guy to do? If the EPA has not given them permissions to re-inject the gas, then they are on hold on those wells. They expect a fairly quick response (in Government terms) based on the fact that there are similar operations in MT, TX,ND, etc. Welcome to government bureaucracy! It also looks like they have been recommended to take things slow in Tenn, perform some experiments to maximize the longevity and productivity of this field before proceeding wildly and blindly into a drilling program. Personally I want this field to produce for several years. Its in shareholders best interest to maximize the dollars invested. I think Miller is taking a smart approach on the Tenn fields and am confident it will pay off.

      • 2 more weeks until they have numbers from Ru7... Wasn't expecting that at the end of the call.

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