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  • just_the_facts_2014 just_the_facts_2014 Mar 9, 2014 1:41 PM Flag

    Just the facts!

    It’s vacation time. As I soak up warmer latitudes, I turn off computers and only occasionally check my phone. As a result, I will not be posting or even following this board. Before I go, I wanted to put to rest the typical speculation as to why I started posting here. I have been self employed for well over 10 years. My family and I hold a 100,000+ share equity position in Miller. I really like aggressive, high growth companies and thoroughly research them by carefully digesting all public information from press releases, sec filings, conference calls and conferences and also search out other publications and sources of facts.

    I follow message boards to gauge trends and to hopefully gain additional insight. By knowing the facts, it is so much easier to wade through the sea of rumor, innuendo and speculation. I have always kept on the sidelines, but I was recently inspired by don_t_panick and his resolve to take on Verado based simply upon the facts. While following this board for years, I have often found posts full of false information. Therefore, I figured why not post the facts, sometimes add my opinion of those facts and ultimately help others to form their own opinions based upon the facts.

    Also, although I believe Miller has done a lot right, I think it’s public relations could use some improvement. Miller has a great story to be told that unfortunately doesn’t seem to always get through or is muddled by naysayers and shorts.

    Fortunately, I leave you for a bit in the good hands of samtn12 with his encyclopedic ability to recall Miller facts and thoughtful opinion, don_t_panick with his insightful posts, chessmaster6752 and roquew with their first hand knowledge of Miller’s management and facilities and olejos with his informative posts laced with humor. I apologize to other fact based contributors that I certainly missed, but it’s time to pack my bags. The next few weeks for Miller should be quite entertaining. See you on the other side.
    Just the facts!

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    • I wish you an enjoyable and safe vacation. Thanks very much for your posting of Miller facts. I do hope that, upon your return, you will once again re-join this board.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Just like you JTF I have a very large position here,and keep adding on any weakness,I dont voice my opinions much more, for hearing inmature responces,sam and chess are about the only ones that get it here,every one keeps telling me,,,why do you keep buying? The only answer that I will give is that my strategy has worked very well for me in the past and will continue to work for me in the future,and that I buy because I can! luck to the very few on here that get it!

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    • Bon vo YA' GEEE'''''!

    • Why MILL? Why such a large position? Multiple buys over a period of time or one giant purchase? Based on your knowledge, what is your personal exit plan/timeframe/expectations?

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Well Mill has been the victem of many perverse misreadings.The company has always managed to complete each new well ,a step at a time, despite being on a limited budget ,traveling around frugaly in a crippled old plane.Shorts and F_ _Ls spouting willful naivete' have prevented Mill from behaving like a "normal'(?) stock that should sell for a minimum of 2-3x book value.I do not understand this gorge/purge strategy where an exit is necessary.There will be 2 huge future exponential increases 1) short positions eliminated 2) p/e turns positive . Phase out he position gradually when it plateaus and on a graph levels off flatwise.Take little profits ,on uplegs ,according to your own stress/comfort levels .

    • Enjoy your vacation and thanks for the informative posts. I've done quite a bit of research on Mill and learned some new things from your posts.

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