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  • vincenzo01 vincenzo01 Dec 6, 2013 10:34 AM Flag

    Question for Jock re XXII so far under radar

    Your posts are most appreciated. Just listened to the 5 Dec. conference call by Joseph and Henry. They did a fine presentation, very well illustrated and explained. Even with the stock being listed on the minor exchange and so not available to deep-pocket hedge funds, etc., it seems bizarre that this stock is so far under radar. The big tobacco companies must all have XXII on their radar. Any ideas why the stock is so little traded?

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    • The management tried to avoid answering a lot of questions after the presentation yesterday. It's understandable that they were not obligated to take the questions. But on the other hand, the previous presenter ONVO couldn't have enough answering the questions presented to them, and they almost ran past 1:15PM which was the time allocated for XXII. It would definitely made XXII investors more comfortable if the management was more accommodating.

    • Hey Vince, you hit the nail on the head with the reasons for low volume - because of the OTC listing, large institutions (that would be capable of regular 100k+ buys) are typically unable to buy into it. That is why management (class acts BTW - straight shooters) has laid out specific plans to increase revenue and shareholder value - i.e. FDA applications for their modified risk products, uplisting to nasdaq, etc. to get the Big Money in.

      Every goal they have set, they have met - and on time, might I add.

      Big Tobacco certainly has XXII on their radar - the 2nd largest tobacco company (British American Tobacco) in the world has -already- paid XXII millions to license their patented altered-nicotine technology.

      The FDA has already entertained the idea of regulating nicotine content in tobacco products. They have already approached and met with us to learn about the technology, and purchased our modified-risk cigarettes and leaf for research. If the FDA pushes for a "safer" cigarette using modified-risk tobacco, we are the only game in town.

      Take advantage of these "under the radar" prices to load up.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I'm a physician and I can tell you that the business model is complex and can be mistaken as a promoter of tobacco use. This is NOT the case, this company is helping people get off nicotine and has products and patents that are going to be valuable to both smoking cessation entities and to big tobacco.

      Its underlying business model and focus isn't simple to understand for me or anyone I think. But with their patents and interest from other big companies, I'm definitely buying more.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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