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  • jockinmikeg jockinmikeg Dec 21, 2013 12:36 AM Flag

    New all-time high

    This dog can hunt. Upcoming catalysts include MSA application acceptance, FDA approval of VLN tech, and uplisting. The ride has just begun.

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    • Yeah I think this may be a better play than VPCO. Bought some more of both early this morning. Both are planing to uplist as you said.... it really surprised me how much this went up today. I think I need to add more...

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      • VPCO is neither high-tech nor monopoly. A bunch of #$%$ from China that will burn your lung like steaming H2SO4.

      • I've looked at VPCO, and I agree in that XXII is a better play. 5 different revenue streams with validated intellectual property that has attracted positive interest from the FDA with regard to smoking cessation...recent events suggest that the gov't will eventually regulate nicotine levels in cigarettes, and we have a monopoly on the modified-risk technology.

        XXII is not dependent on any FDA regulations to grow their business, but successful phase trials resulting in FDA approval and backing of X-22 and/or the VLN technology would send its market cap into the billions, IMO. If the gov't drags its feet with us, we can penetrate the rest of the world's tobacco market share and still be just fine.

        Whereas VPCO is a small company with low liquidity whose LT survival relies much in part to being able to compete with Big Tobacco when (not if) they all adopt E-cigarettes and try to drive out the "little guys". According to my DD, the best scenario for VPCO would be a buyout.

        FDA's determination re: the safety (i.e. formaldehyde, glycerol) and "nicotine gateway drug" status of e-cigs also could impact VPCO's future...the recent action in NYC and some new studies suggest some social and physiological resistance emerging.

        I personally know many parents who are afraid that the many new (and admittedly delicious, as I have tried) vape flavors (key lime pie, Skittles, bubblegum, "NERDS" candy - yes, these are real flavors) will get children addicted to nicotine that otherwise wouldn't have been, had it not been introduced and administered via this tasty method.

        I am not invested in VPCO, and I am not saying it's a bad short-term play - "vaping" is gaining traction in the market - but I personally would just trade it.

        P.S. I wish I had bought 10,000 shares of VPCO in the $.70s right after their private
        Was looking to add to other existing plays and didn't pull the trigger. GL.

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      • You should have loaded up when the warrant overhang kept the price around a dollar for what seemed like forever. Nothing wrong with adding now that the warrants are gone and the pps has verified movement. These prices are still cheap. We have an easy 20-bagger in our hands. All JMHO.

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