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  • alwood1st alwood1st Oct 10, 2012 4:07 PM Flag

    With ALL do respect to oldtimers here

    Those thaqt have said they have been in 4-5 years. You have waited that long to reach $2 give or take? EVERY time it gets up to $2.30, I think I should sell, but I guess I'm hoping my waiting will pay off and it will POP from there. BUT NO, it never does. This is becoming EVER so annoying.

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    • It's a matter of personal preference. You can constantly be chasing every shiny object that comes along on your high volume/high gain alerts, make a few cents, pay hefty commissions and tax on short term gains (if you have any) OR you can find an under the radar stock with low float, great potential, buy in early and wait it out. I daytraded full time for 12 years, made a good living, but not enough to retire off of. Then by sitting in VNDA through the hard times, when it popped I made more in one day than I did in the previous 6 years of trading. Then HGSI popped and I was able to retire from even active trading. I have minor positions in a few stocks just as a hobby, SYN is the only large position I hold. If I lose it all, it's less than 15% of my retirement savings. If SYN pops at least 5x over the current price, I will surprise my kids, siblings and certain friends with gifts that will give them opportunities that they might not ever have had otherwise.

      I'm sure some early holders of Amazon & Google felt the same way you do now. It all hinges on your confidence in SYN. If it's giving you ulcers, maybe it's not worth it. Take a loss, a minor gain or at least break even and go join the adrenaline rush of daytrading.

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