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  • whattime0000 whattime0000 Dec 6, 2007 8:06 AM Flag

    I am not holding and then all of a sudden they announce mtg Losses

    I am not getting blindsided. I called and they have no comment on everything

    I am sure they have to have losses as well.

    SO I am selling until they announce some mortgage losses. Their Earnings will be hit. I will wait to buy again when they make their announcement

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    • This stock varies with such regularity that a patient investor (with guts of iron) could almost make a living solely by trading this stock. Would only need about $75,000, too. Sell at 74, buy at 68, rinse and repeat. Would gross about $7,000 every three weeks or so.

      Sell the entire portfolio and play with PNC? Hmmm, getting close...

      Some smart manipulators are making millions just this way, I would surmise.



    • After what their "investment group" did to me and my partner, I too await their next major drop in price. I'll recoup my "investment" loses by playing their lows and highs. This company lost our trust after 20+ years. They sure seem, based upon our experience and opinion, to know how to divert attention away from reality. As for us, we don't trust them. It is our opinion that they've gotten too big with too many managers and VPs with an end result which appears to be "too arrogant".

    • You must be an idiot to own a stock and not understand what they do and have. PNC has NO exposure to sub-prime mortgage problems. They sold their mortgage division and it holdings long ago. They run their mortgages through Wells Fargo now. Sell your stock because I don't think stupid people should own stock.

    • You will be waiting a long time. PNC does have a mortgage division but those loans are funded by Wells Fargo. Maybe you should be waiting from WFC to announce losses instead?

      On the commercial side they have a little exposure but not much.

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