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  • dinksfinanceblog dinksfinanceblog Mar 14, 2008 1:47 PM Flag

    Gave PNC a Mention

    Hi All,

    I coauthor a personal finance blog with my wife. We just did a posting involving PNC and thought the board might enjoy reading it. Feel free to check it out:



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    • Willster,

      Thanks for the response. Not everyone takes the time to write something coherent. A lot of time on the message boards its simply one or two line responses with ad hominum personal attacks.

      Regarding the empty branches. Here is my view on why its a problem. Now, I only have a limited experience with PNC branches in the DC - I've been in a grand total of three - but the branches in my neighborhood are empty relative to compeditors which are literally right across the street. Specifically, in my branch in DuPont circle in DC, there are three compeditors in the immediate neighborhood: Bank of America, SunTrust and Wachovia. Bank of America specifically had long lines and a crowded lobby in the times I've been there, when at similar time, PNC has not.

      Of course, I'm not an expert, but wouldn't the use of electronic banking impact all banks equally? In my mind, the empty lobbies have less to do with a transition to electronic banking and more to do with PNC's customer base.

    • Crayon,

      - Its my view that now is NOT the time to be in banking stocks. Commodities or international stocks would seem a better bet at this point in time. In fact, this suggests a thought to me. Why don't we put who is better at building wealth to a test.

      My families net worth is approximately $374,000. Our posting is here:

      I challenge you to present your networth publically. Specifically, I challenge you to place your networth on-line on a publically acessable webpage by this Friday by noon eastern. You must reference this link in a public posting on this board. Friday by noon is aapproximately three days from the writing of this posting and should give you adequate time to prepare. I'm willing to trust that you are an honest person and won't lie about your numbers.

      If you have more than me, I'll concede that you are smarter about stock investing than I and that I was wrong about PNC.

      If you don't have more than me, you must apologize to me for the uncivil comments you've made about my blog - and admit that your valuation of PNC may be incorrect.

      Of course, I don't need to mention to the board that your failure to take me up on my challenge means that your judgement and character may be less than perfect.


      James H.

    • What about the $900 million loan to Mr. Smuck down in New Orleans?

    • your blog is extremely unintersting and shows no real knowlege of PNC nor the banking industry............but I guess you knew that...........

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      • Crayon,

        Thanks for your comments. For what its worth, I call PNC like I see it. So far, I see the following:

        1) Noncompediting banking products

        2) Empty branches

        3) Closing branches

        4) Disorganized safety deposit box paperwork.

        I appreciate the chance to dialog about PNC, after all I am a customer of the bank. I would like it if the braches were packed, if they offering unbeatable deals and they were super organized. Unfortunately, I'm just not seeing it, at least around the DC area.



    • You obviously have never worked in the banking industry....Pnc's or any other takeover initially has problems tha eventually work to the branch closings.....when a branch is no longer profitable, you close it....corporations do not exist to satisfy everyone's's to make a profit for the shareholders....

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      • In point of fact I have never worked in the banking industry. That said, I stand by my posting.

        1) The PNC branches in DC that I've been to are often very full. Even in neighborhoods where other branches are busy.

        2) This didn't get mentioned in my earlier posting but I don't think that PNC has compeditive rates. Just my impression, but when I've comparison shoped, PNC usually doesn't have the best CD rates, interest bearing checking, etc. Other, like Bank of America are usually better.



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