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  • housefishin housefishin Nov 9, 2012 7:43 AM Flag

    Absolutely Disgusted !

    with the state of the nation , political arena , international saber rattling , 50% of voters slovenly ignorant and dependent , gloomy economic forecast and on and on and on ! Perhaps my father was right back in the 60's . He often said the hippie , dope smoking , do nothings of the day would become parents and their offspring ( having little direction or constraint would pose a peril to America ) looks like a spot on prediction coming to fruition ........ Greatest generation were also prophets it seems ......

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    • We are what our parents raised us to be. :-)

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      • Very proud to say none of my family , or immediate circle of lifelong friends , fit the model of what is going on in the country today ....... Alas , it seems we are now the minority with little chance to right the national mindset ....... Like every past civilization which let their compass be swayed , they die from within , it takes time , but they collapse ........ We are all very happy we are in our 60's and not 20's , going to be a very , very tough sled for youngsters today .......
        To think a god fearing , straight laced family man with impeccable values , business and financial acumen , with not a hint of scandal in his life was turned away by the stone cold idiots who now hold sway , speaks volumes about the state of the nation ........ Whatever befalls this country to the downside going forward will be well deserved .........

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