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  • beta_klumps2 beta_klumps2 Nov 9, 2012 5:51 PM Flag

    Romney in 2016 !

    I don't think Mitt at 65 is ready to retire. I don't think he needs to go back to Corporate turnarounds, there will be many, but more money and profits don't challenge him. What he has shown he is passionate about, is helping people. I guess it goes back to his Mormon upbringing. The beliefs prepare for disappointments, stockpile food, save for a rainy day, be good.

    I believe he will pull his algorithms out, figure out many things he did right, remember, Obama won by the a very slim margin. Mitt won 2/3 rds of the states and had more popular votes than McCain. A little fine tuning, very focused, on concerns of hispanics, blacks, could pull another 5% of the vote or more. A mis-calculation that cost him in Ohio and Florida, probably a couple of other states. I think another four years, the population will be 4 years older and huge amount of baby boomers will retire and be on social security. Obama got a large turnout of the under 50 crowd, young un-married women, etc. Everyone knows Romney now, even those who voted against him. I am surprised how many hispanics and black people who voted for Obama had praise for him,, one black mother named her baby after Mitt. Mitt has alot of political capital, the longer you know him, the more you appreciate him. I think that trait of his character can work for VICTORY in 2016.

    He has alot of political capital in Obama supporters, the single reason they didn't vote for him was fear he was one of those guys depicted in Obama's ads in Ohio and Florida, depicting him as a guy who wants to ship jobs overseas and cut social security and wasn't in touch with the middle class. Mitt has political capital, if he quits, he waste it. I think he will stay the course and prepare for 2016. It will be easier this time, because he can say as the years go by, if you listened to me, the DOW would not be at 3,500 in 2015, it would have been at 16,000.

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    • He'll never put himself or his family through such a despicable exercise ever again ........
      The vicious , unfounded spewings from the Democratic sewer , no doubt embarassed and
      demeaned the nation on the world stage !!! Just an awful , pathetic experience .........

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