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  • housefishin housefishin Dec 6, 2012 5:29 PM Flag

    Why Romney lost

    Dear amshorty :

    You Are A Typical Hysterical Clueless Democrap i.e., Reid and Pelosi !!!
    short sighted , short in stature , short armed , short tempered , short circuited as you survive well below the delineated line of common sense ........ You need prayers , a lot of prayers !!!!

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    • Shortbird, I suggest you read Romneys biography. He has been successful in everything he has touched. Has served America for years with no compensation. Lives his religion. Saved an olympics. A champion of free enterprise.
      Why are libiots such idiots.

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      • Additionally, all those things you apply to Romney are better suited to Obummer. Examples like tax cheats throughout his administration. Lying like the Bummer has about transparency, debt, lobbyists serving in his administration, shutting down the wars immediately, Guantanamo, and other promises he made to the American people.
        Economic traitor, like adding 5 trillion to America's debt with at least 5 more to come.
        And need I remind you that Reagan policies doubled tax revenues in eight years while Donkeys under the great Tipster spent it all plus some. You probably believe in trickle up poverty like the Bummer.

    • You can't reason with the foolish, why even try.

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