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  • harryconnors harryconnors Jan 2, 2013 4:04 PM Flag

    It's days like today.

    Days like today are why I am a balanced diversified investor. PNC, Dow, and S&P all up over 2%--most of that gain in the first minutes of trading. This means:

    1. If you were short you lost big time.

    2. If you were waiting for a buying opportunity, you missed it.

    I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. But, a balanced diversified investor is as ready as possible for whatever.

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    • HARRY!!...Looks like you are DEAD WRONG!! PNC down to $58 and dropping like a stone! Buying opportunity??...HAHAHAHAHA.....Looks like this POS will be at $54 soon...maybe yet today, who knows with snore at the helm....nothing but bad news delivered by snore.Thats all he knows..........Kind of a silly call saying people missed the buying opportunity!!.....5 days after your post the stock freefalls!!! lol

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      • It's posts like yours that make me despair for American education. Did you fail reading comprehension? That's the only way I can account for your failure to understand my original post. I said that people who were not already invested before the market opened on January 2, 2013 had no opportunity to buy before the market, and the stock, rose over 2% on January 2, 2013. I never said anything about that being the only buying opportunity nor did I say anything about the price action on January 9, 2013. In fact, I explicitly denied knowing anything about the future.

        Even if I had said that there would never be another buying opportunity, you are wrong about the price and "buying opportunity" on January 9, 2013. The price never fell to "$58" as you claim, much less drop to "$54" as you predicted. The low for the day was $58.96. If you must round that off to 2 significant digits then it is $59. And, even if $59 represented a "buying opportunity," the price was that low only briefly. The price ended the day above $60. There really wasn't an opportunity to buy at $59 unless you were spending the morning doing nothing but following the price. Some of us have day jobs.

        There will be buying opportunities in the future. Maybe there will be other opportunities to buy at $59. Maybe today's closing price of $61.14 represents a buying opportunity. I don't know. I deny all knowledge of what the stock will do in the future.I make no predictions. Therefore, any price, either high or low, that the stock may achieve in the future does not make this post wrong.

    • Harry, choicetgb here. Not dead just lost interest in the BS. How is the board

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