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  • darnoc1111 darnoc1111 Jul 16, 2008 8:19 PM Flag

    Shareholders:We need ban together on this!!!

    Again I think that everyone is missing the point that IF they need cash to support an investment to keep it a viable company then they may need to raise cash through stock sales bellow NAV. Would you rather see a large investment go belly up because it could not make it till the economy came back? ALso with so many financial companies damaged surverely they probly can charge almost anything they want and they may end up passing on something that would have caused our divi to go up in the long run. We all need to keep our emotions in check and look at things logically. Best of luck to all in what ever decision you make.

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    • As a lender they shouldn't need money to support an investment (unless the borrower says "lend me more money or I'm going to default"). They need money to pay dividends and to fund new loans. If they can sell an existing loan at par value that would be preferrable to issuing shares at a significant discount to par value, and they definitely shouldn't be funding new loans with shares issued at a significant discount to NAV (to do so is paying x for an investment, and then selling that investment to new investors at 0.9x.

      Basically they have given us insufficient information to conclude whether voting yes or no is preferrable.

    • The phone calls are not all that unusual. I'm not a huge stock holder in ALD and MCGC (with just a few thousand shares of each) and have received similar calls at proxy time. ALD wanted to do the same thing but at the time they weren't getting the yea votes so they started the phone campaign.

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