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  • darnoc1111 darnoc1111 Feb 9, 2010 1:59 PM Flag

    Markets panic as Republicans gain strength in Senate

    Abortion is murder of the most innocent that can not defend themselves. Being Gay is a lifestyle choice and is not the same as hetrosexual. Conservative do not care what gays do as long as we do not have to support it. Bush was not a true conservative otherwise the seniors would not have their drug plan. True conservative want smaller government not larger. The military is one of the few things our constitution calls for, not all the social programs that currently are by far the largest part of our spending. You seem to be saying the same as me , but you are looking for someone to blame rather than looking to those in congress and the ones who elected them as the ones to blame. Health care should never be run by the gov, including medicare. Homeland security was instituted because of our severly failed our intellegance comunity thanks to Clinton. Personally I do not have a problem if I call outside the U.S. if someone wants to listen as long as it is to stop a terorist attack. I hate to say it but you sound a little like the birthers.

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