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  • matadors69 matadors69 Oct 18, 2001 11:53 PM Flag

    just a fool

    why is it that islandnerv considers Mercury such a poorly managed, bad company yet claims to personally profit from it's stock movement.
    2 anwsers a. islandnerv's morals can be compromised by greed. b. he is a pathological liar.
    Mercury will not be bought out anytime soon. Also watch for higher earning since the fast growing HO department is now reevaluating it's rates as the prior rating of $70 a sq ft. replacement cost on homes has been pushed to $100. Expect a big swing in loss ratio next year on the Ho side.

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    • You are not kidding any of us on this board Sweetie! You have given yourself away many times. Silly girl!!

    • 1.Stocks are not really bought and sold on the basis of buying companies. At todays P/E ratios v. historical P/E ratios, people buy paper based on construct analysis and market momentum.
      2. If a company is not immoral, it is not immoral to profit off its stock.
      3. Bad management is not immoral, just stupid!
      4. MCY has some good aspects such as the underwriting standards and application.
      5. The greatest weakness in MCY management is leadership. There is good knowledge and standards, but few good leaders. Leadership has to do with people, personal experience other than the company, and integrity. It is learned often through recogignition of weakness and consideration of others. In the military it comes when a person realizes that personal survival depends on the well being of those being led being put before yourself.
      5. Leadership is hard to find in todays corporate America. Books do not transfer the quality to readers, and it is not learned in school or in the corporation. It is a quality acquired before corporate life and in spite of it.
      5. The strong defensive response of MCY management to criticism is a characteristic of poor leaderhip. Poor leaders are never wrong and those they pretend to lead suffer because of it. In the military they die because of it. In corporate life they just suffer.

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      • "5. The greatest weakness in MCY management is leadership."

        As opposed to the stellar P/L Company leadership of wishy washy mgnt the likes of Ohio Casualty, Travelers, C.N.A./Encompass, Hartford, who from week to week cant determine whether CA auto is profitable business or not, and who really had to cancel 1,000 of HO policyholders literally overnite because their dwelling values exceeded $350,000 [over-capacity] - pure genius.

        Its so funny now watching them scratch and claw their way back into CA and trying to recapture the business they gave away to their competitors as "unprofitable".

        Mercury's supposed "inept" leadership has produced results where other sets of leaders have FAILED miserably, over and over again.

        ISLANDERNRV, your personal "anectdotal" Bullshit about experiences with MCY mgmnt is just that. Being either an auto repair facility owner/maggot who couldnt handle having to finally justify outlandish expenses to an insurance carrier, and not being able to buy the adjusters with Golf Games, expensive dinners and Concert tickets, or worse yet some radio advertising PI attorney scuzzbucket who couldnt get an undeserved dime out of Mercury Claims - does not make you the MCY Management authority.

        This co's mgmnt 10 yr track record speaks for itself - your anectodotal opinion is not needed.

        "2. If a company is not immoral, it is not immoral to profit off its stock."

        More scuzzbucket "situational ethics". Sounding more and more like an ambulance chaser ....... I think I know what you meant, but your statement as typed here is bassackwards. Seems your not too familiar with morality or immorality - you seem to be confusing the two terms as interchangeable, but we all knew that about you a while back.

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