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  • rvnightmare rvnightmare Jan 12, 2002 4:52 PM Flag

    Good company if you never have a claim!

    Like so many casualty insurance companies, you never know what you have until you have a claim. It appears thatb with this company you find out you are insured with a company good for the investor but very bad for the insured. Dont ever have a claim! In my case I was better off letting the other parties company repair my car. Mecury cut the estimate at every conceivable place and actually placed the safe repair of the car in jeopardy.

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    • Yes, Mcy is a Business for profit, But I deal day in and day out with them all. My Insurance card has Mercury at the top, Best Insurance for the buck! And a lot of great people work for Mcy, and people make a company, it all depends on the person that handles your claim.
      Greg DIx*** must have written your sheet... You may want to look in to Diminished Value, that's the value your car loses after a loss. Pucker up boy's its around the corner. State Farm and Allstate are at the bottom of my list. They just spent One Hundred Fifty Nine Million for bad claim service for DV. HEY BARRY HOW'S FRANKLIN

    • That is pure Bullsh_ _ and you know it! Do you know what can happen to a person that makes those kinds of statements on the net? Very serious jeopardy, very serious.

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      • Your threat about statements made on the net must come from some idiot in MCY management. Tell me, just what can happen to someone who makes statements on the net a company does'nt like? Legal action? Thats been tried many times and they will laugh you out of court. Or how about a military tribunal? Oh that right most of the fairies on your staff never served in the military! Or perhaps you will find them and beat them over the head with your insurance policy! Hey, I hav an idea, offer them a job with your company, if they accept that would be worse than being a Woman in Afghanastan under the taliban! Or if it is a man, you could make them accept a job at your wages and they wpould feel like a teenager working at Burger King.
        Yep- you scared all us investors who post on stock boards real good. We may never post again!

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