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  • haednufmk haednufmk Nov 9, 2004 6:06 PM Flag

    Watch the posters on this forum

    Some are posting under different names but are the same person...very negative and don't know a hill of beans about Mercury, probably unemployed boobs with no knowledge about insurance or running a successful insurance operation.

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    • Been a lurker on this mesg. board. But enough of this other stuff and why don't we all just talk about this stock and it's +'s and -'s. It sure seems like there must be some other place for this other crap. Been an investor in this company for the last 5 years and I sure like what the future holds based on what I have other play in the insurance stocks would still be Progressive and anything Berkshire Hathaway...My short term concerns are the weather and long term is what local and state gvmt. may do to the ins. and financial I'll just go back to being a lurker and hoping that these petty people keep their personal lives to themselves.

    • Wow....

    • since it will be on sale next week. just like if you were a business owner and married man then had an affair with one of your co-workers and then intimidated the co-worker to quit because your conscience couldn't take it anymore. then you offer her a paltry sum to leave, except this time she gets an attorney and sues your ass for retaliation, but then your fear kicks in again cause your scared sh**less that your wife will find out and take you for all you're worth.

      is it legal?

    • I'm not selling...look at the PE..right now is a soft market in California and they are still making a ton of money and they should continue to do so. When the hard market comes they will only make more. They are also close to finally getting their computer systems right...when this is done they will bring down their expense ratio even further, meaning even more profit. Also, the state of California will (1/06) require to see proof of insurance through the DMV to keep your car registered, even though CA. has a law now there is no teeth....this will change in 1/06. Mercury will if history is an indicator split the stock at around $70...Low PE, continued profit, possible split, stronger proof of insurance law, new states that are now starting to really grow, better computer system, new law against lawsuits in CA(prop 64)...all reasons for Mercury stock to continue to go up up up....

    • I resemble that remark!
      Can only insurance people own this stock?
      These unemployed boobs you speak of, do they need to make $15.00 the hard way? Do you hire boobs at your agency? Are they perkie?

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