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  • murcurry murcurry May 11, 2000 2:18 PM Flag

    menuva 2000

    Just read workformcy's postings over the last two months. These should provide you with an insight into whether or not you want to work here.

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    • Blaming management for low morale is one possible
      answer. However, let me give you the benefit of 30 years
      in this biz:

      Any person who has been in
      claims for over ten years has a jaded view of life due
      to the numerous lies he/she has been told, the
      number of false claims they have witnessed, the carnage
      they have not been able to rectify through
      indemnification of loss (what amount for the loss of a child?),

      Any person who has been in underwriting for over ten
      years has a warped perpsective due to the number of
      lies they have been told, the consistent application
      of Murphy's law outweighing the law of large
      numbers, the pain of "file review" when large losses
      occur(causing the underwriter to understand he/she can only be
      sure of being right if he/she declines the risk),

      Any person who has been in marketing for over ten
      years is completely worthless. They have come to
      realize that good relationships last three years, great
      relationships last five years and fantastic relationships last
      seven years. They have come to realize there are not an
      infinite number of relationship opportunities. They are
      frustrated by the harshness of the reality of the 80/20 rule
      which when accurately applied indicates about 80
      percent of any production group are

      Our industry chews up and spits out people. I have
      worked for five companies and contracted as an agent
      with over 50 companies. It is my observation that
      morale was very low at each and every company at times
      for various reasons.

      "If people are suffering,
      they must look within themselves... Happiness is not
      something ready made Buddha can give you. It comes from
      your own actions." The Dalai Lama

      If you think
      your work has value and you work hard to promote that
      value you will be happy in your work.

      IMO most
      insurance company personnel see almost no value in what
      they are doing. They see their job as providing a
      despised commodity at the lowest possible price.

      What our industry needs isn't better management. What
      our industry needs is a better self image.

      can hold out as long as you need to... if you
      appreciate the never ending possibilities to apply your
      intelligence and creativity to eliminating horrible amounts of
      risk from the average person's life.

    • I won't say morale isn't low. But please,
      comparisons to CSAA don't work. They have more than enough
      problems since the restructure. The lost most of their
      quality staff in the buyout and have MD types supervising
      BI files they themselves have never handled. Just
      because they have the authority doesn't mean they know
      how to use it.

      MCY is a bit micro-managed but
      I think that we are on the usual roller coaster --
      all the insurers lower prices until one company gives
      up, they all raise rates and we scoop in and pickup
      the disgruntled customers who want to save a

      Retention of policyholders had always been a focus but I
      agree with your assessment that valuable minds are
      being lost or will be lost in the near future. I am
      sure it is happening in most, if not all of the
      branches given the increasing job postings each

      Patience is the name of the game but just how far can "we"
      hold out?

      PC's in 2001???? LOL We can only

    • Lets face it, morale sucks. What can be done
      about it?? How about empowering it's employees and give
      them a little credit. CSAA/AAA gives it's field people
      $35k authority. Yes, that is no misprint. Supv's have
      $100k authority. Granted that may not be wise for some
      of those morons over at CSAA, but when we don't even
      get Br mgs' $30k, especially when I've seen some of
      the decisions by admin, it makes me think this
      company is going downhill and going fast.PC's???
      believe it when I see it.

    • Edwin Walczak, Vontobel US Value Fund on CNBC reportes MCY Low cost auto insurer in California.

    • Allstate is hiring too!

    • Morale has always been poor!This is nothing
      It was poor with BF. The difference now is the co's
      unwillingness to keep or hire experienced personell,this has
      always been the problem, The effect now has been evident
      for years and we all saw it coming. What will be
      interesting to will merc be able to cont to sell
      a product with out the personell to deliver?? But
      hey, there is good news...I hear Progressive is

    • is determined by the actions of top management,
      which means that the present sorry state will only get
      For those who have been here long enough, the person
      who could correct this horrible problem is obvious,
      but will never happen as long as M.C. is in charge,
      and he's not going anywhere as long as he's making a
      million $ per year!

    • Did you have an accident we declined? You seem
      very bitter. MCY is a great company to work for, pay
      isn't the highest in the industry, it certainly isn't
      the lowest either. The people are great, our agents
      are loyal. You act like you know something, but you
      fail to make any verifiable representations. What have
      you got against mercury?

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