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  • msmerc msmerc Mar 1, 2001 10:02 PM Flag

    rewarding company loyalty ??

    Hey. Mercury loves it's employees. They paid out $2500 "signing bonuses" when they were deperate to fill spots. They get the full $2500 for staying 6 months as a trainee handling R/e losses and P/L losses. I have been with the company over 6 years and my bonus this year will be less than that. Rewarding my hard work and loyalty by paying me less of a "bonus" than some rookies, of which over 50% will be gone by the summer. And I am being "compensated" for a full year.
    Does that make ANY sense???

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    • Yes! You are someone that understands "truth". Thank you for your posting.

      Shalom and Shalom

    • thedctrisin over his/her head needs to re-read my post:

      "You have failed to answer the questions asked! Where have all the negos come from? Where have all the supervisors come from? Where have all the managers come from? Where have all the directors come from? Where have all the vice-presidents come from? Where did the CFO come from? Where did the president of the other MCY companies come from? Where did the former presidents come from? They were all promoted from the rank and file on merit!!! Not because they had a sour attitude about working and solving problems. There are lots of other worthy people at MCY that will be promoted. Like any other company MCY has a limited number of management positions and some of those worthy folks have to wait or go on to another company. Worthy folks that have merit always move forward, in one way or another. Complainers, unless they have a change of heart, will always be passed-over.

      So, find a way to change your attitude or get that resume in the mail. By-the-way, I don't have any reason to "eat my words". I spoke the truth!!"

    • This is the 2nd paragraph: "Don't bother telling the complainers to leave, they already have, or will leave soon."

      Does your last post mean that: (a) you are not a complainer; (b) you are not leaving; (c) you have not left and will not be leaving soon; (d) you do not work for Mercury; (e) you do not know how to express yourself in writing?

      Which is it Hotdog?

    • Then stop complaining and start being positive!! How simple can that be?

    • "Sweat shop"...meaning Mercury??? I realize being expected to actually earn your wages is difficult for some to grasp. I am a bit confused....If you have never been a part of the company, then what makes you such an authority on the subject??

    • ...well said.

    • Maybe it's difficult for you to read between the lines, so let me spell it out to you real simple. I am not, was not, nor will not become part of paragraph 2. In other words; I DON'T, and/or never will work in that sweat shop! Do you get it now?

    • I do not know why everyone complains about working here...I am soo happy. I have enough work to keep me really busy. there's nothing wrong with job security, is there? Besides, I really don't have to work as hard as anyone else. there is so much turn over that before i know it, I'll be a supervisor, or maybe even a manager. the sky is the limit!!

      I know that when I'm promoted, I will be paid what I'm worth. Sure, I will be asked to forego pay until I am qualified to be in this position, but I know the headdogs are looking out for me...

      Intoins is truly BLIND. he/she is a stooge, and was in line to take curly joe's place.

      MCY is a little fish in the p&c sea. If you are not happy there, shut up and do something about it. No one is forcing you to sit there and take whatever perceived abuse you are dealing with. file a stress claim, be proactive.

    • But you should be part of the 2nd paragraph! You need to pack your desk and find somewhere you will be happy.

      It really is simple: If you are unhappy, have nothing positive to say and are doing nothing to help the company (the company happens to be the people that work there) then you should leave. You do not have the right to make statements that are false and untrue. If what you say is true, make an appointment with a company officer (following the proper chain of command) and state your case. Otherwise, I can get you some empty boxes for your stuff and you do not have to accept the check they GAVE you!

      "blind"? Look at the facts Hotdog. Your head is your problem. Nobody owes you anythng; nobody.

    • You're nothin' but an IDIOT! I don't have to justify anything to you BOZO! The facts are very simple....IDIOT! Mercury is a revolving door! They are loosing their best and brightest every day! The facts are on my side!


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