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  • Haven't seen much in the posts about R&D. THAT is what keeps the company going. If the program that sells the product is crap (which it is) then how can you expect anything good to come from the company's infrastructure? The head of R&D believes that the programmers are "untouchable". I wish he would realize that they are some of the worst programmers ever seen by many who are in contact with them. Most of them are in the inner circle, so they are virtually immune to any kind of discipline for shoddy work. Anybody else here want to tell it like it is???

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    • Please recall that it was you that had the negative comments. I would suggest that "R&D" does not need your negative criticism posted on this board. Rather, you need to suggest to management a better method. On this board you appear simply as a "nay sayer". Your company does not need your negative criticism (I believe the term is "snipping" on these boards.). What it needs is your positive input to the solution of the problem (but recall that the problem may be only in your eyes and not the eyes of others). This is a suggestion that has worked in the past for many others: Write out your suggestions (not negative criticism) and suggest ways that the software needs to address the needs of the end-user (that is the term, it is not?). Be bold and provide specific example of how the changes will make those that work for the company be more efficient. If you spend your energy doing these positive things, I believe, from my past experiences, that you will do much good for your company, the people that work for your company and most important, for yourself.

      These web boards can be a sewer of negativism. It is a very addictive media. Use your mind and spirit for good. Rememer that the people in management of your company are people too! They think and feel just like you do. Take your suggestions, ideas and plans for a better work environment to the management of your company. Keep giving your positive suggestions until someone sees that your ideas and suggestions are good. Remember the super salesperson. He/she was asked: "How long do you keep calling on a customer, even if they do not buy your product?" His/her response: "That depends on who dies first!"

      Your heart is in the right place, now get your behavior there too!

      Shalom and Shalom

    • I don't design or produce software, shalom. Hasn't that been obvious to you through all these posts?

      You do not think at any level, apparently. You are a reactionary, plain and simple. Instead of saying who should think good thoughts and who says "mean" things, why don't you come up with some solutions, since I don't seem to have any?

      Any witty come-backs this time or do you have some actual ideas on how to improve the situation in R&D? THAT is what all these posts have been about. Doing is doing, you say. DO something, then.

      If all we do is argue and no good ideas or solutions come about AND if nobody is willing to listen, then nothing will change. My thoughts are negative only because I point out what is wrong. Yes, I have a solution, but it would be so very negative of me to say it again.

      Pup 'n Taco

    • Ghost_thx,

      Well I am thinking "HARD". I can see it in my mind ("HARD"); I can hear it in my mind ("HARD"); I can see and hear it in my mind ("HARD"); I can feel it in my mind ("HARD"); and I can see, hear and feel it in my mind ("HARD"). Well, I have been thinking "HARD" but what is now to happen? Nothing is happening? Should I think "SOFT" too?

      Perhaps you have been thinking "software" when you should be designing and producing software. Thinking is thinking (just like "talk is talk") and doing is doing. Perhaps you are spending too much time thinking and not enough time doing! The production of better methods and products is always better then THINKING negative thoughts about people (and posting such THOUGHTS).

      Shalom and Shalom

    • Shalomyahweh,

      Mean-spirited and hidden comments? I would say my comments are out in the open. No hidden meanings here!

      Why do you find my comments mean-spirited? Do my comments about the programmers hit a little too close to home?

      Other than that, I think you are talking in circles. THINK hard before you post next time. I love to hear comments about what myself or others have said, as long as it makes some sort of sense!

    • First off...don't try to figure out who is really who here in this board. You won't find out and it really does not matter who it is. What matters is the content of these messages, whether you believe it or not. Mcyla can think whatever he/she wants to think and can refute anything I say as much as I can to him/her, too.

      Wow, I am "a recurrent jerk". Cool. Are we done slinging names? I should be fired for having an opinion?

      Regardless of your stance on the quality of what Mercury's programmers produce, the fact of the matter is that the programmers are inefficient and just write shoddy software. PERIOD. Sure, Mercusoft/Quicksilver works...barely. Why can't we stash the egos and just work on producing top-quality products? What is at stake? Who are we trying to impress? Tweaking code up until release-time? Insane. WHY DOESN"T ANYBODY STAND UP AND ADMIT that we have a poor R&D cycle with our software?

      Now, before you all knee-jerk react to what I have said...THINK about it first before you reply.

    • mcy-l-a,

      Please stop kissing behind! You do not have to defend this company. Let the jerk (have you noted the grammar is the same as that of some of the post names from the past...its the same person)talk. She is just a very unhappy person that should be discovered and fired. You are not the "Mother" of the company; stop acting as if you were ("...I wish it were otherwise.", "Since you seem capable of judging software quality...", "I do not mean to excuse the problems that we have." PLEASE!!!!! YOU SOUND LIKE THE PARENT OF AN ADDICT...STOP ALREADY!!)

      MCY does not need you to defend its position to this recurrent jerk! STOP.


    • I have to say that Ghost is absolutely wrong in his assessment of the department. Most Mercury competitors have 10 times the R&D budget of Mercury, and yet Mercury continues to operate, grow and prosper. Our systems work, although there is always room for improvement. If Ghost had any ability to judge these things, he would see that improvement is being made on many fronts. If Ghost had any appreciation for the complexity of integrating legacy systems with new technology with internet connections with LAN's and WAN's, he would appreciate that difficulties are inevitable in every new rollout. Ghost has strong opinions, but there is no evidence to back his distaste for Mercury products. Up time on the legacy systems is somewhere around 99% for the year. Most importantly, policies are underwritten, claims are paid, and financials are reported. Ghost should remember that Mercury is an insurer, and the only fair way to judge our systems is by measuring our ability to offer, sell and service insurance policies. Mercury software is allowing us to do that very well.

      The only comment I have about his criticism of the head of the department is that his (or her?) opinion is about as accurate on Pete as it is about Mercury software. Naw... less so.

      Finally, with respect to our web presence, as a prior post said, it is being addressed. With scarce resources, the priorities have to be on systems that help the company internally or help the agents work with the company. As an independent agency company, it has been our opinion that the agent should be the first avenue of communication with the customer. Agents may even get nervous about too strong a web presence, for such could allow a company to compete directly for new clients. Do we need to upgrade the web site? Definitely. But there are 1001 good projects, and a finite amount of resources to allocate.

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      • Well, of course mcyla would have many glowing things to say. You're in the LA office! Have you been in R&D during a day to see what happens, or just hear it second-hand through "reports"? I expected a reply like that, though my post was not for the sole purpose of "flaming". It was to state a glaring fact. Yes, my post was critical and I expected it to be rebutted. Why is it that when someone states facts, albeit negatively charged ones, another person must run to put that fire out instead of actually seeing why the fire started in the first place? I dare you to load some Mercury-built software on your PC.

        Of course there is no "proof" to back my claims. Can't prove anything here. This is just a forum.

        Now, this is funny...

        "If Ghost had any appreciation for the complexity of integrating legacy systems with new technology with internet connections with LAN's and WAN's, he would appreciate that difficulties are inevitable in every new rollout"

        Ok, yeah. Me don't know nothing. You right all the time. I thought you just plugged all the wires into this little box and voila!

        This is a good one, too...
        ...But there are 1001 good projects, and a finite amount of resources to allocate...

        Maybe we shouldn't have so many projects so they "key" projects will get best use of finite resources?

        People gripe most times just to gripe. I would like to see GOOD change happen...and not at a glacial pace. Then, perhaps, one day this message board will have very few gripes.

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