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  • teva4eva teva4eva Oct 25, 2007 10:57 AM Flag

    Lesson 2


    your reply bowled me over, succint and clever.

    i miss your messages of old, i never laughed so much and in fact printed copies to show at my cardio gym class (quad bypass '98). there is no doubt in mind that you originate from bronx or brooklyn because you never forgot the egg cream bit. i've wanted to send this message to you a long time ago and glad to do so now. too bad the average viewer can't understand the meaning behind most of your posts and they are the loser for it. for some reason your posts have been far fewer and more subdued and i hope this is just your disgust with the board and nothing to do healthwise.
    i also have been a long holder of teva and hold a respectable qnty and believe, like you, in it's future.
    stay well. stan

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    • Yes , well I am worn out. I live with a 24 y old Hispanic female who is extremely beautiful ,ambitious, domineering , greedy, demanding, explosive and extremely self serving as well as insatiable. Every day is a challenge.
      When she comes home takes a bath and puts on a black nighty she walks around with a stern face the way she holds her head up exudes confidence and strength she walks around like a matador. At 5�9 145 lb and a BMI of 19 she is a tiger,! And she is a tiger in bed. I have given her 1,900 dollars since last Friday in cash and 300 yesterday. This morning I said I need 20 bucks, she says � What?!? I�m broke!� I�m broke man yeah�
      I said how can you possibly be broke� then she gets even more angry and says I paid daycare. I said that�s not much then she lies and says she paid a lot in advance. I get 200K a year Noel and right now I have 40 cents in my pocket!! I have a financial advisor who just is so exacerbated when he hears the word Carmen. He lectures me all the time.
      He is an elitist guy very wealthy ect, he says �Dave she is ghetto: which I was not happy he said that. However she is so beautiful and nice just enough to me for me to leave.
      My trust fund manager says her ppf is to high, price per f8CK. She always is scheming.
      So to get her off my back she is so ambitious and creative that in the spring we are going to let her rum her own retail clothing store at the mall. With her greedy ambition and tremendous energy as well as beauty I feel she will be an independent millionaire is less than 2 years. So I will get my money back.

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