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  • maxirnus maxirnus Nov 11, 2012 11:05 AM Flag

    Teva victory in Canada: Supreme Court overturned the patent on Viagra

    Translated from by Google Translate:

    BTW - How come this was NOT buplished by Yahoo news as of yet...?

    Teva victory in Canada: Supreme Court overturned the patent on Viagra

    Supreme Court of Canada accepted the claims of Teva and canceled the patent on Viagra from Pfizer in Canada ■ The judges also criticized the conduct of Pfizer in this case.

    November 10, 2012, 18:19

    By Paddy Mualem

    The Supreme Court of Canada dismissed unanimously Pfizer's patent on the Viagra drug, and that was in fact the claims of Teva, allowing the Israeli company to market a generic version drug to this famous drug across Canada.

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    • This... and the P&G news. The stock still doesn't move. We've had some mgt. changes but something still tells me there's a bad apple or two left that have somehow alienated the big fund investors. Some that may not come back until those particular people are gone. Comments like the CFO made can come back and bite ya in the #$%$. Thanks tex

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      • This will all help the stock price eventually, but right now all eyes are on the presentation Levin makes on 12/11. The P&G deal was expected to go through, so I am not surprised at the lack of a pop in price. Levin has a real opportunity here I just hope he is able to capitalize on it. As far as the management changes go it is interesting to see with all the changes which have been made thus far the CFO seems to be staying. Perhaps this will be a change mentioned at the presentation. Less than a month to go guys, lets hope for some good news, we could sure use some.

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