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  • dumsani79 dumsani79 Nov 18, 2012 4:19 PM Flag

    Now it's buying time again

    So it was Germany that sent the missile defense system to Tel Aviv? I swear I thought it was the good old USA. Why did former prime minister (current Defense Minister) Barak say that cooperation with the United States has never been better? Netanyahu used to work with Romney, he likes Romney (God only knows why), and he wanted Romney to win (God only knows why). Netanyahu is not popular in his own country. I agree with Israel's retaliation over the missiles from Gaza but all this talk by you folks and others about President Obama not being a friend of Israel is just a bunch of malarkey!!! Wise up!!

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    • DO YOU BE SERIOUS?? TRY AN OPTOMETRIST. Obama undermining Israel & USA as best he can while you whistle dixie???? Good thing you not head of NSC, NSA, MOD, CIA, DOJ, FBI --etc etc -- ALL THOSE THAT NEED THINK AHEAD, DIG, UNDERSTAND, & CATCH THOSE COMMITTING TREASON - the modern Benedict Arnold.
      We are now in such a state as to make PRE-EMPT a MANDATORY ACTION -- can't wait for tragedy & clean up time -- ALWAYS A MESS PROVING OUR INCOMPETENCE.

      ATTEMPT TO GRASP WHAT MIDDLE EAST MEANS -- might help. CULTURE CLASH -- you like living, Arabs like dying --- leaders always sending OTHERS TO DIE, like OBAMA spending OUR MONEY, NOT HIS.

      This why HJ has 28 flavors

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