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  • doondi88 doondi88 Dec 27, 2012 12:03 PM Flag

    how low before buying more?

    i believe teva will rise from current lows to at least low 40s in short term but how low will it go now? dec - jan i think are slow months? fund mgrs cleaning house, window dressing & preparing for next year etc.

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    • Why ask. Everyone talks, NOBODY KNOWS. 200 years worth of experts. Most lose in opportunity costs & inflation deducted from selling price, most investors are losers in reality. Big names claimed they never knew so what you want from uneducated guessers? TEVA is a buy, here, there, anywhere, at any time if you're adding gradually -- average out whether up or down. Nobody KNOWS future, wild unexpected events which can kill market & external to company & it's control. This is the stock market, not the NYC subway system & even then some don't know where subway is going.

      Do have a most HEALTHY & HAPPY NEW YEAR & successful investing.

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    • Thinking debt ceiling and fiscal cliff can drive the whole market down 10%. Thinking one should not be too anxious to buy any stocks for next 3 mos at least. Teva is a bit safer than most industrial stocks etc but still gets taken down with the whole market when it sells off. might be worth a nibble at 36 but not even sure about that.

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      • If you sold 20 other equities in 10 different industries, you can't watch all those adequately trying to spread risk so why not either buy the INDEX & stop watching, or risk ALL ON ONE EQUITY LIKE ME - TEVA - & TRY & MAKE SURE YOU'RE CORRECT IN YOUR PICK. Then, if you're right, you can double the return over the index which will be limited by all odds to AROUND 10% historically over time. That is fine for most investors & prob the right way to go having no staff of hundreds like Fidelity with groups watching an industry or two with a few companies in each to track & contact for updates.
        Need set up your ducks in row & decide approach & risk willing to take. Not very dificult. I'm up about 40 times cost & will wait -- irrelevant if TEVA drops another few bucks -- I'm no runner.
        Just need search out another small company & grow with it. I'm looking now too since TEVA getting too large a base for big % growth numbers. To each his own craziness. These accruing bad announcements scare me NOT -- normal & typical -- need roll with the punches & take a few jabs periodically & not try to outguess. So FDA approved Mylan - SO WHAT - Drs & patients don't switch drugs so easily. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. COPAXONE WORKS WELL & is very hard to manufacture & duplicate - can never tell where pitfalls are - ask Elan in Great Britain -- few deaths here, few there, add up & frighten. Many ways to skin cats & stock marketeers.

        Good luck & happy hunting

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      • i agree with concept of dollar cost averaging, but if you are managing a fixed portfolio there is a limit. i ended up with way too much teva doubling down! i believe in teva but i also agree about not buying anything next three months or so. i sold out of everything except teva, i still set a buy at a little over 35. i still like to gauge the sentiment on the board. on fundamentals teva is good on macro who knows and technical analysis is beyond my realm of knowledge. happy new year peace and health and happiness!

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    • rom techninal point of view. The stock is trending down and it is in oversold area. I think TEVA will rebound soon just based on chart and your reaistance is at 39.88.

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