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  • galityehezkel galityehezkel Feb 8, 2013 9:55 AM Flag

    be smart don't wait for the downgrade!!!

    be smart don't wait for the downgrade

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    • Mmm Lets see... A double guess riddle : a) they upgraded it went down who are they? , then b) they downgraded and it moved up who are they .........answers : a) pumpers .b) bashers.

    • There is always a few shorts that stick around too long..... galltye, you are that short.

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      • Technically, how do billions in long get TOGETHER, coordinate, & squeeze shorts?? Really. TEVA not silver, pepper, short days. will always be someone willing to lend to naked short for MONEY$$$$$, even in jockey's or boxers. Someone on anti-depressants here? Tranquilizers? Try another tack.Will wallow for a while, so what? Time to settle down, relax, think LONG --- as in LONG RANGER & TANYA.

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    • I would not be surprised to see an "outperform" from some analyst who previously rated the stock a "hold". All the bad news is out and it looks like the management will now have to deliver growth and share holder value. The markets know all their is to know concerning next quarter as well and is now looking ahead to more streamlining and delivering better results. I believe that the management was conservative in their statements and might even beat their estimates in the next couple of quarters. The bleeding needs to stop.

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    • What downgrade? What if it goes up on the downgrade? How is one to know ABSOLUTELY. if only life & equities that easy & all have obvious rock solid correllations & cause effect relationships. Is TEVA going down the tubes? Do you have any detailed rationale to justify such confidence in downgrade?
      I'd agree if you were talking about the prognosis for the USD$$$$$$$$$$.
      Happy investing. Call collect when the downgrade is announced. This goes on all the time 7 could be accompanied by an upgrade or two. I'm buying!! LOVE IT ON BAD NEWS, scares the Moishies. My time line is 2015+ or until the elephant dances the Hora on Dizengoff.

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      • well said noel with you all the way - i am not put off by any of the "bad" news and although atty and i are not on same track - learned a lot from him - believe in your own judgement and analysts know no more than laymen - i reached a stage when i laugh when the analyst from my bank phones me to give advice - what they want at the bank is for clients to do as many transactions as possible so that they can collect their fee - what a joke ! i know of a senior analyst who left the bank because he was sickened by this phenomenon - was instructed by the manager to do many transactions on an old lady's (very wealthy) portfolio so that the bank could collect ... sick imho

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