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  • maxirnus maxirnus Feb 27, 2013 6:46 PM Flag

    TEVA needs to be ·√ⁿ

    sold to another firm.

    This is the only way, IMHO, for the shareholders to see any value from their poor investment.

    The markets keep on going higher and higher and Teva goes lower and lower, so close to its 52-week-low and it soon might break it on its way down.

    The way the Teva stocks behaves says (wrongly IMHO) that this company is soon going out of business.

    Very poor investment indeed!

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    • Hi Max,

      Hope you are well. I was a strong supporter of Teva for a while until I saw that the last management team really let the company fall far behind its competition. Levin has a huge task ahead of him in restoring investor confidence which will ultimately lead to a higher stock price. This is why he gave a 5 year window to "turn things around". These types of scenarios take time and in an ever changing world it gets harder and harder to stay on top. Mylan today came out with earnings and although they did not beat by a wide margin they raised their 2013 guidance, which is what the market looks for. Teva, on the other hand took guidance down and by quite a bit, hence the current stock price.

      I still like the company and think Levin can turn it around (which is why I still own some), but I think in the meantime there are much better opportunites out there to put money.

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      • CD your post is as good as ever.

        I am very frustrated with the stock price.

        What some people don't realize is that a continuing decline in a company's stock price could lead, by itself, to bad times ahead: more and more investors break down and sell the stock, partners, customers and suppliers see the ever declining stock price and are asking themselves what is going on and why is the stock declining?

        Sooner or later - such a severe stock price decline could become a self-fulfilling prophecy and this is what I am afraid of.

    • 32 billion marker cap and going out of business. Maximus,
      if you don't have patience, get out. Meanwhile, count your
      dividend and sell covered calls. And relax.

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      • bottomfeeder - look at what I wrote:

        "The way the Teva stocks behaves says (wrongly IMHO) that this company is soon going out of business."

        I clearly wrote that IMHO it is wrong to think or believe that Teva is going out of buisiness. But the way the Teva stocks behaves it sends the message (again bottomfeeder - it is still wrong IMHO!!!) that this company is soon going out of business.


    • redshington_washskins2 redshington_washskins2 Feb 28, 2013 12:00 AM Flag

      I keep asking myself, why do people post things that don't make any sense? I never retrieve a satisfactory answer to this age-old question. One of life's mysteries.

      Selling the company doesn't solve problems.

    • p/e is low enough and teva is making good earnings but the fear is earnings decline in the near term as some major drug comes off patent. My thinking is if teva boosts the yield to 4% investors who are hungry for yield in the market will buy and hold willing to give the new ceo and teva at least some years to bring on new earnings growth. while dividend is not bad it would be nice if they could rival nvs. jmho

    • Doubt its going out of business and its still making nice earnings not losses. Dividend is starting to get interesting but further increases could keep investors willing to stay in the stock and get paid to wait. True it could be a takeover target for a premium price but its got to be a major company to take a run at teva's huge market cap. From what i can recall the new ceo suggested too long a time frame to take teva into his new vision. A person has to have a long time horizon to get in now perhaps 3 to 5 years, but long term it is in the right sector and generics is the place to be in tougher economic times. like to follow this one maybe at a new 52 week low its a good value entry point?

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      • guess what i am saying is if teva had approx 4% yield it would be easy to buy it and forget it for a couple of years even if it stayed flat or had very slow growth, and i think most of the market would agree with that. if teva is going to be a growth investment then its got to perform at least every 6 months with earnings growth to compete with other growth stocks. If it became more of a dividend investmetn at 4%+ yield then its going to attract a more patient sort of investment population. jmho

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