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  • maxirnus maxirnus Apr 27, 2013 8:32 AM Flag

    It was published in a newspaper ·√ⁿ

    It was published in a newspaper that before it was agreed by Prolor to be taken over by Opko, Prolor was negotiating with Teva for a possible takeover deal and the price Teva offered was close to that offered by Opko. Opko finally won the deal.

    Teva Chairman of the Board is ALSO the CEO of Opko and has major ownerships stakes in both Opko and Prolor. In Opko he holds over 40% of the company and in Prolor he holds over 10%.

    IMHO a valid question should be asked here:

    Could all the above happen without a conflict of interest between Teva's best interest (its shareholders' interests) and the personal interests of that Teva Chairman of the Board!!!???

    I think that even if it was all Kosher – it still stinks!!! :(

    What do you all think? I'll be interested to know.

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    • it's clearly said in the Hebrew section that he stated he is not involved in the deal-no-deal details due to the fact he is invested in both comps. hence, I take it the ultimate decision was a pure business decision! Reading your previous posts and your negative biased It's clear why you are constantly confused. lol

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      • Re: "Reading your previous posts and your negative biased It's clear why you are constantly confused. lol" from mystk7

        You may have a point here mystk7...

        Come to think of it, based on the negative stock action during the last several years, it looks like that the market ALSO has a "negative bias (and) and It's (now) clear why (it is) constantly confused (about Teva). lol"

        It looks like you have hit the nail on the head mystk7 and all that is left to do now is to explain to the market that it is wrong about their negative biased towards Teva and why they are constantly confused... :)

      • Re: "Reading your previous posts and your negative biased It's clear why you are constantly confused. lol"

    • Here it is from the Newspaper:


      "- Did you check additional Options to sell PROLOR?

      Frost: "PROLOR raised investment bank to explore such options, but I'm an investor in both companies and therefore did not want to be involved, so I do not know." We note that one of these negotiations was against Teva, which Frost serves as Chairman, and it was almost the price that ultimately closed the deal with Opko."

      עסקת פרולור: תעבור, תשופר או שאולי תגיע עסקה אחרת?

      משקיעים בפרולור מתארגנים למניעת העסקה, ובינתיים החברה מסבירה שהיא עדיין פתוחה להצעות ■ ד"ר פיליפ פרוסט ל"גלובס": "הרעיון התבשל לי בראש זמן רב"

      25/04/2013, 19:03

      גלי וינרב
      - בדקתם אפשרויות נוספות למכור את פרולור?

      פרוסט: "פרולור גייסה בנק השקעות כדי לבחון אופציות כאלה, אבל אני משקיע בשתי החברות ולכן לא רציתי להיות מעורב, כך שאני לא יודע". נציין כי אחד המשאים והמתנים הללו היה מול טבע, שבה משמש פרוסט יו"ר, והוא הגיע כמעט למחיר שבסופו של דבר נסגרה העסקה עם אופקו.

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      • Good Afternoon Max,

        I don't know how much of a position you are holding in Teva, but perhaps you may want to seriously consider dumping a portion and just keeping a small position. I know I made the right choice last year when I decided it was time to dump the majority of my holdings. I still kept a small position more as a curio. My decision now on whether to hold or dump will depend upon earnings this week. I know Levin took the helm a year ago, but for me I have to see and hear more than just cost cutting measures and managerial changes in departments. There is an abundance of other companies which not only offer better yields, but much better growth as well, good luck!

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