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  • harlanharp harlanharp May 5, 2013 10:48 AM Flag

    Teva on the T.A Exchange:


    Is up .5%. The market itself is down.
    I still think that there is a link with anti radiation drugs, and our FDA.
    Reservists have been put through surprise drills.
    This is very scary.
    It feels like war is coming.
    I don't like this situation, despite the fact that I am prepared for it.

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    • Your stuff is so boring, chicken little. Being up 5% probably has something to do with the NTE strategy which is basically 13 late stage programs being infused into the pipeline in an extremely short time span. Also programs with a high chance of succeeding since the products themselves are already proven, and there is a market demand for the products they are pursuing. Very interesting strategy by Levin and company.

    • Harlan,

      I feel very blessed to live in the greatest country in the world. Unfortunately, we live in a very open and free society and with that always comes the risk that some nutjob will do something like what just happened in Boston. There is no doubt in my mind that something will eventually happen in New York. It is the premier target for all these fanatics and they've already tried (unsuccessfully) to blow up Times Square, but I do believe something will eventually happen, it is the downside of an open and free society. Just continue to live your life and raise your family. There are things which are in your control and things which aren't, unfortunately this is a situation which isn't.

      What bothers me is at the moment no Muslim leadership has come out and condemned or held a rally against those creeps who set off the bombs in Boston. This along with the Fort Hill base shootings would provide such a defining moment for Islamic people to stand up with America, unite and say they are completely against this type of behavior. I for one find the silence deafening and wrong. It is a sad day indeed when people cannot attend a marathon, go to work, or simply live their lives without having to worry about whether or not they will be back home to be with their loved ones.

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      • I agree with most of what you said.Though i dont think is wise to put all muslims in the same bag. . Just take Syria as the latest example of what i am saying. I must confess i am no muslim but that doesnt stop me from reading news here and there and what i can deduct from those readings is that there are two types of mulims . Those that are criminals and those who are not .Examples of former example are those linked to Boston attacks,twin towers attacks There is also a new class of terrorist groups that act within the boundaries of a terrorist states;
        North Korea,Iran,Cuba ,Venezuela ,Somalia. Just to mention some.There are some others to big to be questioned like Putin -Rusia .Just dont think generalization is a good measure .Not all muslims are created equal. imao.
        The situation in Syria from what i read is terrible and no one has done a great deal to stop al-assad summary civilian killings.
        This is an International Shame for all of us. . And i reject Boston attacks but i also reject the genocides that are taking place elsewhere. And i dont live in your country by the way.


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