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  • maxirnus maxirnus Jun 25, 2013 11:15 AM Flag

    The members of Teva's BOD have decided

    in 2012 to raise their salaries (each of them!) From: $70,000 per year to: $190,000 per year.

    And for each meeting that each of them participates in - they get $ 2,000 per meeting per session.

    The Chairman of the Board of Teva also decided in 2012 and received endorsement from the Board "generous" members that are mentioned above to raise his salary by 75% to: $ 700,000 per year. In addition, the dear "friends" decided to confirm $ 900,000 more for this Chairman for each year for expenses for the use of his private plane bringing him to meetings of the Council in Israel, and this is DESPITE having many other businesses in Israel whom he currently manages and is also their part (and very substantial) owner.

    And all this - despite the failed management of these greedy Board members and their chairman, that his private businesses around the world, it seems, interest him much more than Teva - where he, as its chairman should take care of the company and its shareholders - all of which has led Teva unprecedented low stock value - the stock dropped in price over 40% since that chairman and many members of the board got into their role in the company.

    So please - you tell me: Who is the Crazy that will invest in the Teva stocks which is still managed by this greedy bunch!!!???

    I think that only an idiot would invest his money in this company as long as this greedy Board and Chairman are still not being removed from this company in disgrace!!!

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