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  • cdmurray4 cdmurray4 Aug 1, 2013 6:33 PM Flag

    Teva still has a long way to go.

    Don't mean to sound like Mr. Doom and Gloom, but this company is far from turning the corner. The earnings report was boring and offered nothing new. As a matter of fact it is getting tired, because it is the same ole song. One takeaway from this which was startling was how Levin said he is "banking" on the new version of Copaxone being approved. When it comes to the FDA nothing is for sure. It is so sad to see a once well regarded powerhouse such as Teva now to almost never be in the news, and when it is it is for all the wrong reasons. I know these CEOs are constantly on the phone with other big folks, but with seeing how this company has lost market share, credibility and more importantly respect from Wall Street I think it may be in their best interest at this juncture to entertain some offers. You certainly cannot blame shareholders at this point for being angry. They certainly have just cause. With the market at all time highs and so many of the other drug companies having had quite a run this dog can't even hold $40, it is shameful. Best to all here!

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    • I knew I should have sold all shares when this reached $40 - $41, rather than just 25%. Well, another dividend or two and I'll get back to even. Ho hum ! Call me 'Mr. Patience'

    • You still dont say why this company is different to Actavis or Mylan ,except that this Corporation is headquartered in Israel.
      I give you an example of what i am saying; lately the potash fertilizer World Cartel was disolved because Uralkali (russian producer ticker- IPI) the biggest and most cost -efficient Potash producer blamed his partner Belraruskali to violate sales quota aggreements. Immediately Potash producers shares crumbled .
      And guess what happened ; Uralkali (headquarterd in Russia) has lost 32,7 % while Potash Corporation Shares (POT) the second world producer and much less efficient producer (headquartered in Canada) only lost only 22,21 % of its value.

      Also part of the problem is that while Mylan and Actavis are much more US market oriented and Teva is much more geographically diversified and US market has performed lately much better tan the rest of the World. That is not Tevas fault either. In the long run ,lets see who performs better.

      Other thing that you could blame on could be R&D Budget for Teva ,but if you research you find that Tevas
      R&D budget are just in line with those for Actavis or Mylan (peers).

      Really besides this dont see how Teva cant move forward (at least-or even faster as it catchs up) just as the rest of the sector.


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      • Sorry there is a correction on my former msj.

        Uralkali (russian producer ticker- IPI - correction the ticker for Uralkali is URALL and right now is 8 % going up catching up with Potash Corp. POT as market realized been headquartered outside US-Canada was not enough reason to Premium Pot (second efficient potash producer -agains Urall .first efficient low producer potash comp)

        So you see Teva best valuation Generic should also catch up ,when market realice the great value difference with peers.


    • Entertain offers? This is complete nonsense. You act like the company is going down the tubes and they need to sell it off to somehow give shareholders a parachute out. But don't you realize that if they company was really garbage, that no one would want to buy it? No one is bailing you out CD. But you sold most of your position already anyway. The company is NOT garbage.

      They set a guidance at the end of last year. They knew and expected the litigation with Pfizer would be resolved and they accounted for that in their guidance. They still expect to hit midpoint of the guidance at year-end. If so, that's called disclosure, foresight, and execution.
      They can't wave a magic wand and magically poof a new blockbuster into existence. Drug development is not easy. It doesn't happen over night. They are doing the best they can with what they have. I honestly don't understand what you and some others here are expecting out of them. Their only choice is to appeal the court decision on the 2015 patent. And if they win, it gives more of a window to convert the patients to thrice weekly. If they lose, it will be much more of a scramble to save market share.

      What I'm wondering is, if the generics really are not true copies of Copaxone, then what's going to happen if patients start experiencing side effects or doctors observe less efficacy than the real stuff? That right there is some upside potential, but hey let's not talk about upside potential, let's only talk about all the negatives which we already know and have known for years.

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