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  • skid1949 skid1949 Feb 22, 2014 6:00 PM Flag

    teva's advance

    Bloomberg is still talking m&a. frost talking bye-bye. many chances to buy in the mid $30's. now $48.45. us long-term bagholders even finally. But as one poster said last week what has materially changed but the price? that said, someone seems to know something we don't (options action). this has been one of the hardest stocks i've owned to figure out. i appreciate this board's regulars opinions. and at least max and atty have shut up, thats worth at least a buck in share price.GLTA

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    • redshington_washskins2 redshington_washskins2 Feb 23, 2014 12:37 PM Flag

      The corporate governance is being changed, that is what changed materially to let investors take their guard down. It was a bargain before, people just unwilling to buy, now eased up a bit. From 55 down to 35 you could have asked the same question, "what has materially changed?" to cause the price to drop. If anything, they had some success in fending off Copaxone challengers the past few years and there is STILL no purported generic approved after giddy MNTA analysts were saying back 5 years ago that "we could see a generic as early as THIS year" lol, nope. There is significant value here that was being ignored, now it's getting more attention. Their generics business hit a lull and copaxone will hurt if a so-called generic is allowed onto market but teva has a pipeline too and in worst case scenario they still take in over 10 billion in revs and give a solid dividend while we await better times. But if worst-case scenario does not come about? Then the stock is undervalued and has significant upside.

    • I find the following bloomberg article encouraging and promising as to the future of TEVA

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      • Materially changed has been money bags have discovered tevas real potential attributes & discounted the rumor of 90% drop in copax sales, understand vast expanse of products, territories, understanding of how to operate abroad, etc etc. in bidding war, $60+ would not surprise me. Teva woke up from incompetent military rule, settled a few law suites & probably back into growth mode albeit in disastrous market environment & prognosis.
        need just await offers!
        good luck longs

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