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  • SterlingChap SterlingChap Mar 6, 2002 11:19 AM Flag

    Buffett's not leading here...

    In absolute terms, I don't think anyone except the inner circle at KO know. And they're certainly not in the habit of making it easy to determine such basic information.

    According to Yahoo's "Profile" page, KO have a debt/equity ration of 0.48. In simple terms that means that they've mortgaged about half of all their assets. Quite what the real value of those assets mortgaged is another question entirely though.....

    That's not bad compared to some (you might presume), but a big vulnerability in a Global Recession, I'd think.
    .....Provide, of course, that the number itself is TRUE!
    I have no way of being sure (or confident) that it is!

    BTW, talk of the END of the Recession is a big exaggeration.
    It's Global, and it's the worst for decades.
    "One swallow doesn't make a summer" is valid right now!
    Did the Rest-Of-The-World SUDDENLY find some extra money to buy US goods and services out of the kindness of their hearts? Throw their citizens onto the unemployment queues JUST to satisfy Wall Street bulls?
    When Europe starts to turn good, and Japan as well, I'll give credence to the US Financial Press hoopla.
    But not until.....

    The USA needs to export >50% of its goods and services these days, JUST to maintain the 1999 status quo.
    The Great American Consumer falls short (by a long way) of being able to support the Great American Economy any more. No matter how many cars he buys on credit at 0% financing.....

    Stay lucky,

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