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  • greenie_spam greenie_spam Mar 21, 2003 10:04 PM Flag

    Just curious,

    Is the world better now than two weeks ago?

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    • QWAK,analchord, "We all got it coming" Yep you are RIGHT, we all got it coming some day, "No one gets out ALIVE" but that having been said our existence is goverened and shaped by the CHOICES we make and the choices made by thoes who came befor us. By continuing to make choices based on GREED and a need to DOMINATE and control others we have come to a point in time ware we are blinded to the reality that WHAT we do to OTHERS we actualy do to OUR SELVES and our CHILDREN. Even a nation as great and powerfull as our own can destroy it self by becoming OBLIVIOUS to the effects of IMPOSING our views and perceptions on others and RATIONALISING that we are some how HELPING them to see things OUR WAY. Ultimitly such actions are based in HIPOCRACY and the result of living a DELUSION is that at some point REALITY comes rushing in and the EMPIRE colapses from with in. I supose that once the wheels are set in motion the CICLE must run its corse but being rational we can CHOSE to CHANGE and make other choices but ONLY if we decide to give up PRECONCIEVED notions that OUR WAY is the ONLY way to achieve a peacefull world. One must keep in mind that what may seem BEST for SELF is seldom what is best for ALL and that in doing what is best for self over TIME tends to CREATE even biger problems for ALL including SELF in the FUTURE! The curent conflict (WAR) is just the BEGINING of much biger problems and the RESULT will likely not be what we hope or expect because it is based in and on DELUSIONS of being able to DOMINATE and CONTROL other people to our own ADVANTAGE at their expence. We may well try to SUGAR COAT it and RATIONALISE that it is BEST for ALL but the greater REALITY is that it is best for our selves so that we may continue to do things OUR WAY with no real concideration for the CAUSE and EFFECT on others who we would chose to DOMINATE. In the long run (which may not be all THAT long) we are likely seting up our own distruction by chosing to be BLIND to our own FAULTS and only seeing the faults of OTHERS! It is IRONIC how often we CREATE problems and then out of FRUSTRATION turn to FORCE to SOLVE thoes problems and ultimitly just make WORSE PROBLEMS! It would be HUMORUS if it were not for the incredable amounts of PAIN and SUFFERING that we inflict both on our selves and others. Bottom line "ALL is ONE" and what we do to OTHERS we do to OUR SELVES! the DUCK

    • We all got it coming, duck. No one escapes, not really. My parents were the victors in 1945, but were forced to live their lives as always being "right". That tortured their children into the hippie freaks they became, and revolution became a right of passage. Violence necessarily begets more violence. We keep pounding Iraq, and that region will boil over sooner or later like water under a fire. There are cosmic forces, set in motion by war, that compell people to be warlike. It now would be a religious miracle if this iraq war doesn't become a regional conflict. I SAID MIRACLE. These are the last days of peace. Pass the bong, friend. I've got my guitar. Now, I'd like to do my rendition of, "too many people" by Paul McCartney.........BOINK. dammit, i broke my g string. I always do that. I hate myself. I hate the world. NUKE IRAQ!!!!!!!

    • You and Michael need to focus more on your quiz content. Now we have to consider Mother Theresa as our leader?

    • Duck: I'm not suggesting it!

      I don't think there is a proper appreciation for just how terrible a nuclear weapon really is. I hear a lot about chemical and biological weapons, which surely would kill masses of people, but remember that a modern nuclear warhead, detonated, say, in Times Square, would kill everyone and everything in a 50-mile radius. The entire city of New York, and all of its surrounding suburbs, would broil under a rising cloud of radiation and heat. Everything within 10 miles of the blast point would vaporize into radioactive plasma. I also have heard that the entire continental United States would burn uncontrollably under three strategically-placed 150 Megaton nuclear warheads detonated 1 mile above ground level.

      So it would probably be a better idea not to start messing with the former Soviet Union, festering sores over their economic ties to some third-world country that can't even effectively threaten its neighbor, Isreal.



      Who would be less likely to own a weapon: George W. Bush, or Mother Teresa?

      Who is regarded as the greater peacemaker: George W. Bush, or Mother Teresa?


    • I like your honest answer. However, there seemed to be too much self-justified view than the perspectives from the people who have been bombed day and night. I want to ask you, do you know FOR SURE, not by ASSUMPTION, that the Iraqi people prefer being bombed and trampled like a hell than solving their problems differently. Please read the following passage from a news clip:
      "...Some Iraqis waved or gave a thumbs-up as the convoy passed on its dash through southern Iraq, while others stood stoically."

      I don't see a picture of desperate Iraqis welcoming the "conquerors" with enthusiasm. Do you? Comparing this picture with the liberation of France from NAZI, you should get a clear idea of what a true liberation is.

      Next, the world has been very patient and giving the benefit of doubt to Bush-Rumsfeld, waiting for their result of weapon of mass destruction.
      But DON�T forget: Bush-Rumsfeld were saying they had very definite information about WMD all alone. At the start of the war, they were touting the Delta Force to be sent in pre-emptively to search and uncover several specific locations. Now, six days into the war with forces closing-in 50 miles of the capital, where is the answer?
      Not only that, they still won�t tell the American people, and the world, what definite information they had. When ask about this, Rumsfled had a very evasive answer: �After we secure the capital, we can get the top officials and gather the record, and we will find out where it is�
      The whole picture is very, very ugly. They went in Iraq fishing! With Bombs and cruise missiles, not fishing poles! Where did they get the right to go in another nation fishing for information with such unprecedented destruction power.
      If a substantial WMD is found, that�s a great grief. Otherwise, the whole world will be listening very carefully about every word Bush-Rumsfeld have to say about it. I am still holding my breath. However, with this and the unwarranted civilian casualties, the scenario of being war criminals doesn�t seem to be too far out.

    • QWAK,mikiesmoky, I think you may LIKE this one. :) the DUCK

    • Mr. Duck....., OUTSTANDING perspective.


      Michael Z.

    • REGARDING: Any answer to the 9/11 relationship with the present military action in Iraq is total speculation. Remember that we, as individuals, know very little about these events, and 99% of that knowledge is from the media. Need I say more?
      RESPONSE: One cannot begin to resolve a problem until one understands the problem. What is in Canu's, yours, and others� makeup, which precludes the ability to answer a very simple question?


      Michael Z.

    • Michael, regarding:

      How many times must one tell you to NOT read anything into the question. Take the parameters within the question and ANSWER.
      Unfortunately....., you can not. <<<

      This is not college. And your question ignores historical context. Both mistakes amateur pundits make.

    • Michael, regarding:

      >>>RESPONSE: You don't think it would be worthwhile to expose to the world all of the reported atrocities committed under his leadership?
      Think: Perception is in the mind of the perceiver.<<<

      His atrocities are well documented. Your problem is accepting a course of resolution. It is a defect of most, they prefer to dwell, giving all kinds of excuses for not acting. This is confirmed by your not even reading the article I posted, which was all about a 1988 crime against humanity he perpetrated.

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