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  • woodstein2002 woodstein2002 May 31, 2003 12:30 AM Flag

    What Gold is Good For.

    You are a Jewish women in the Warsaw ghetto who has just watched her husband get freighted off to Auschwitz. You have a couple of kids and you need to get to America. That is what gold is good for. The America I love will be a worthless place to live if gold gains currency. Might just as well be in some hovel in Afghanistan threatening to take on the world with a half century old varmint gun.

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    • I can read, and once is enough.

      Your partisanship is strong and clear, and your credibility is approaching mikie's.

      Does Oregon have leaders, for education and otherwise, who establish priorities(?) If no, there is no quantity of dollars that will save their important programs. If yes, what are they doing besides blaming others for the predictable consequences of their errors(?)


    • Harvey, please revisit 53685.

    • Michael,

      Stop worrying about being caught in revisionist, self serving, argumentative for argument's sake, presentations. Wake up tomorrow, look in the mirror, and say you want to turn over a new leaf. One where you think before talking, and listen before thinking. Your gold argument about balance of trade issues with S. Africa was nonsense. Your need to correct your 'original' thinking, to salvage your need to diss another's interest in alternative investments, dug an even deeper hole. You should have listened to your buddy Clinton last week about digging deeper holes.

    • Harvey...., one of my biggest peeves is someone telling someone else what he or she is thinking...., not what someone "thinks" someone else is thinking..., but EXACTLY what the other is thinking. Further exacerbating the negativity that causes me, is when the author of that omniscience calls the person a liar.

      The above defines the type of person, who would make such prognostications, to be what most, but not I, of course, would refer to as an asshole, jerkoff, obnoxious, pathetic, egotistical without merit, a "wipe-ass", et cetera.

    • dawn,

      You really think those responsible for Enron have been charged? LOL!!

      Yes, CA is led by a Dem. Please know my post didn't slavishly focus on partisan issues. Please re-read. And note that the Federal Gov't has permitted a State to close its schools. This is sad. Now if you want to call this partisan games, that's your choice. But our current Fed Gov't is led by education focused leader with a schoolteacher wife. How come there is nothing emanating from Washington that closing schools is unacceptable? This is a crime against the young and our future. It has nothing to do with race, color, learning disabilities, income or politics. My credibility is intact...

    • Damned Duck, haven't you learned??? Don't try to reason with Mikie, he is just another part of the matrix.

    • QWAK,analchord, You must be mistaken because Peru has one richest GOLD mines on EARTH and produces GOLD cheeper than most other mines. Political problems in Peru have severly limited production, it seems the people in power want to keep it for them selves and keep the people who do the work POOR, not unlike most governments. LOL the DUCK

    • look, duck, i dont know how to tell you this, but there are termites in peru that eat gold, and silver. They have been kept in check by importing dung beetles and killer fireflys, but they say it's a losing battle, so you and your pile of gold will soon be termite poop, you moron. If you post one more stupid word about gold, I will hunt you down and kick you ass, duck. I SAID KICK ASS!!

    • QWAK,mikiesmoky, Because GOLD is UNIQUE the ruls you so believe in and depend on for evaluating other investments does not apply. It realy is in a class all by it self, it is a standard of comparison yet nothing can honistly be compared to it,kind of a CONUNDRUM or perhaps an INEGMA? :) LOL, GOLD has always stood for TRUTH and HONOR and somthing that is the absolute BEST. The "GOLDEN RUEL" "GOOD as GOLD" and on and on, GOLD is just SPECIAL and UNIQUE you can dump it in a pile of SHIT rince it off and it is shiney and uncorupted,doesen't rot rust or become worthless and will out last all of us and that is just the way it is. the DUCK

    • QWAK,woodstein, Funny you should bring up China because as of TODAY it agen becomes LEGAL for people in China to buy GOLD! They have a long HISTORY of buying and holding GOLD as China had the FIRST paper currency in history to become totaly worthless. The Chinease are preparing to issue GOLD backed currency but are also the largest holder of our DOLLARS. They need to be carfull in making that transition as to do so too quickly and at the wrong time would destroy all the dollats they are holding TOO. As for MY buy in price target that is a hard one,I am looking for a pull back on the POG and got my finger on the trigger. I am expecting that around mid June I will buy about 10K at what ever the price is but hope it is at or about $350.00 that should achieve my goal in physical oz. of GOLD. After that I am going to start buying some SILVER. the DUCK

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