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  • azalphainvestor azalphainvestor Jun 7, 2004 1:26 AM Flag

    Pope pulls a Clinton

    While I'm sure in several respects the Pope would understand Clinton the sinner and praise Clinton the President, let me see if I get this right:
    "I [Neo DiBs] was listening to a commentator <no mention of name nor media... hmm> today who was talking about WWII, and mentioned the difference in news coverage then and now. One item was that several thousand GIs were charged with rape or murder in the 1940s, some were executed for their crimes, some went to prison, but almost nothing of this appeared in the news.

    Beyond that why would criminal charges of several thousand (how many thousand is that actually) soldiers for rape and murder during an entire decade including the brutality of WWII, be of much news except in the locality in which the murder or rape occured.

    Unless a rape or murder invlolves a celebrity of some type (and do note Pres W and Rummy are celebrities) where is this any different. Case in point, Lindbergh Kidnapping got extensive national as well as local media attention.

    And lastly DiBs did you bother to confirm the veracity of his statement. Or is he [as perhaps you]obviously agenda=less.


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