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  • mikepersina mikepersina Sep 2, 2004 12:21 PM Flag

    Damn, Zell! Get 'em

    There were also 3,000 families who lost loved ones nearly 3 years ago.

    How many 9/11's has Bush prevented by his actions? The answer is several.

    Libs thought Churchill was a war monger as well and thought Hitler could be pacified w/ treaties -worthless pieces of paper.

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    • Good point. So tell me why the majority of those famalies and a goodly number of well educated Americans are still trying to figure out why Bush and Co were so unprepared for 9/11. A little homework will provide you with the clues that were missed as well as Clinton's Administration strategy that was abandoned so Asscroft could concentrate on going after the medical marijuana terrorists. Get a clue dude.


    • You're making up things about the Democrats. Your arguments would have some weight if they were based on true premises. But they aren't.

      You are implying "You Democrats don't want to fight terrorism or have a strong national defense."

      That is false. Period. Nothing is further from the truth! But Bush (and those who like him) don't mind lying about the Democrats. Heck, you falsely trashed McCain, so why wouldn't lie about the Democrats?

      Bush has made us weaker. The terrorists are now in Iraq, when they weren't before. We don't have bin Laden, the one who attacked us. And he has people lining up to be terrorists because we attacked a country for no reason -- except oil and daddy.

      We Democrats want to go after the terorists. You'd think that would make sense to you Republicans. But it doesn't. You're making up things just to stay in office.

      And speaking of making us weaker, we not just weaker in the war on terror because of Bush. The Bush deficits will kill any economic recovery and lead to inflation -- just like LBJ's Viet Nam war. Maybe it's a Texan thing: fight a bad war, that we aren't winning, for the wrong reasons, and make the economy suffer for a decade. And in the process have the rest of the world hate us.

    • REGARDING: How many 9/11's has Bush prevented by his actions?

      RESPONSE: None.

      How many has his Administration caused??

      There was a Plan prior to his Administration that called for the overthrow of Iraq!
      The authors of that Plan conceded the Plan didn't have a chance UNLESS we had a CATACLYSMIC event.
      Circa January 20, 2001, this Administration cut the Middle East negotiations KNOWING it would freak out the radicals.
      They got their CATACLYSMIC event that enabled all this crap we have been put through.
      President Bush's ratings the week prior to 09/11/01 was around 51%. A week later, it was around 92%, i.e., our worst day was his best.


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