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  • Hello monthlydivs,
    You mentioned"Voters for Bush in Ohio in 2004
    Election gave Bush One Third of the 150,000 Votes he won State of Ohio by. Majority
    of these 50,000 New Black Voters were Conservative Blacks who voted for Bush & against Gay Marriage."

    The Democrats are so agenda minded, they filter this kind of info. They won't get it.
    They will opt for more mind control and miss the heart completely.
    The republicans, shouldn't have a corner on heart.
    The basic liberal, unfortunately, although they call themselves democrats don't believe in democracy. I used to think of myself as liberal and conservative. i.e. Independant. I would strongly dislike republicans if it weren't for todays liberals.
    The liberal today, is more rightly defined as on obstructionist, Daschle a prime example.
    A specific example is the way the nomination of Miquel Estrada was handled, he would have won hands down, if a floor vote was allowed. His humble beginnings, background, academic achievemnet, honors, and experience made him immently qualified as a judge. But since he didn't meet Daschles and Barbara Pelosci's politcal persuasinon. Like in Iraq or the old Soviet Union, the vote was not allowed because the party didn't like it. For two years they filibustered to prevent the vote. He was not the correct kind of minority. I think, today, even many of the minorities that are both bright and have heart see thru the dirty glass of Daschles types.

    They want more taxes and more government control, since the masses are stupid. The rural and suburban people are morons. Basic liberal idealology is an imperative for us. But the means by which the current democrat wants to achieve it is deplorable.
    Forget the campaign crap, just look what goes on in our congress.
    Dascle lost, because he lost touch with the people back home. The so called big picture did him in. Now he can move back, let's see if he does. He really needs to move to a blue state, where they don't care if someone with grass roots, or any local roots, represents them.

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