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  • REGARDING: Mikey, I am not smart enough to define today's liberal as well as you just demonstarted in your response to alpha.
    RESPONSE: Obviously, you are not smart enough to know my name, which is on 80% of my postings, thus one must discount your commentary.

    REGARDING: Today's liberal believes only the intellectually elite have the ability to make decisions and vote.
    RESPONSE: You may or may not be correct..., but the Republican architects are quite pragmatic and aware of what is, and what is is "one person, one vote". Therefore, they play the game much better than do the Democrats.
    Much of the Republicans' game is to identify wedge issues to garner any advantage, e.g., social security lies; abortion issue; gay marriage; fear/terrorism (massive issue, obviously, but they have managed to fix as a "wedge" issue); et cetera. Wedge issues tend to stimulate votes, regardless of party (that is the key).

    REGARDING: It is a shame that you feel you are so superior to everyone else on this board and must grade every one according to your mindset. Everyone else is a moron.
    RESPONSE: Whereas there are moron-look-alikes on this board, your perception that you feel that I think I am superior to everyone else on this board is stupidity of grand magnitude.
    My comment was specific to economics.

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