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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Nov 7, 2004 10:30 PM Flag

    QWAK,you may want to buy some GOLD

    QWAK, Gold up $1.60 in Aisa tonight on TOP of the NEW 16 year high close on Friday.
    There is a lot of selling of the US DOLLAR it is at 84 and estimets are that it should alreay be at 70. For each $.01 drop gold goes up about $8.00 so $500.00 is likely soon and aparently they are GREASING the skids.

    this from the GOLD FORUM:
    Sydney November 8th. The FT carries a story that not only are the fund managers and the IMM speculators
    selling the USD, but also foreign governments looking to reduce their exposure to U.S. assets. India, Russia and various Middle Eastern investors are rumored
    to have sold. China is also rumored to be buying Asian currencies ahead of a switch in the renmimbi"s dollar peg to a basket arrangement.
    These structural shifts, as the "benign neglect" policy of the U.S. administration continues, suggest that the USD could have much further to fall
    in coming weeks.
    Buy some GOLD if you can this is as close as it gets to a shure thing!
    Worst that is posble is it may take a little longer to fall but the US DOLLAR is falling an will fall a lot more!

    the DUCK

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    • QWAK,Bear, I can see how it may have helped get out of the way!
      BTW: I heared about a STRAIT GUY that used to go to GAY bars with a rearview mirror straped to his forhead------it WORKED for HIM TOO!:)HE HE HE

      LOL ROTFL!
      the DUCK

    • duck...when i was best friends dad...sitting at a red light..looking in RV mirror...saw semi barrelling up on his tail...he hit the gas and got out of the way...actually truck still hit him...BUT..if he handn't been lookin in the mirrow...he'd a probably been a crushed-dead to speak.....(the car was totaled)

      >> why i always drive with one eye on RV mirror..other in front...

      so far it's accidents yet...(altho i did get rearended (the car the car) once while parked...

    • QWAK,">> and if you don't look in your rearview mirror,,,you may get rear ended!!!"

      HUMmmmmmmmm Just a thought---- HOW would looking in the rearview mirror keep you FROM getting REAR ENDED??? Seems to ME looking or not, aint gona make a hell of a lot of diference! But what do I know-----I'm a DUCK!

      HE HE HE
      the DUCK

    • Hello Duck:
      Just keep your senses alert:
      When the dollar is declining, PM's obviously is the proper substitute for spare dollars.
      But it is not an investment. I too have most of my cash in PM's. But my PM's are a minor part of the entire portfolio. Very little in Gold specifically. It is merely a perfectly pure counter play to the dollar over the long term. Nothing more.
      For very short periods of time gold will go up faster than the dollar sinks, if a lot of people go chasing after it, such as happened in
      (1978 -1980), and could be happening right now.
      Right now, there are some great investment opportunities to grow your wealth. Gold doesn't do this. So, I hope you are also looking for growth investments and even a little speculation.
      For example, if you are really convinced that Gold is great. Have you checked out any gold mining stocks for example?

      If I thought Oil was great, I wouldn't buy a thousand barrels of oil. I'd buy some XOM or RIG. Don't come back and say that Gold is easier to handle. This in not my point, it was stated above.
      Just curious, do you venture out into genuine opportunities, or are you purely defensive?

      best Regards

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      • Hello Duck;
        If you think Fiat currencies will collapse and Gold will go up fast. Tell me why you wouldn't buy the Gold mining stock? It will go up much faster than gold does with respect to the currency of reference. As I illustrated in the charts of NEM vs Gold in dollars. Stock is also much more liquid than the physical.,
        I tend to speculate a little too, thus I had actually sold puts in NEM and purchased calls.
        This is not something one does all the time, but only at special times in history. Especialy with Volatility low, the purchase of calls in some cases makes sense. Generally I'm a seller of calls.
        I been investing in all kinds of stuff for over 50 years. If I had married gold at any time in my life, I would not have much capital now. But gold has its day in the sun every few decades and you can play it for a year or two.
        I still remember people who bought gold coins in the 1979 time frame, when they tried to sell their coins in the $800 to $700 region, there were no dealers buying. In jan 1980 gold went from $850 to $625 in a week. by March it had fallen to $480. The poor guys who bought at $800 were hopelessly locked in for the freefall. If you play physicals, I hope you have tested your broker for expeditious selling and also negotiated low trading commisions. If one is in coins, and a crunch comes, the poor retail buyer gets taken for a fast ride down. I know you bought low, but one would hope that you unload some when high, and pick up more when it drops. This is why you need low commision rate. I think you will have many trading opportunities before it reaches your objective of $1000. My point is that Gold is not a long term investment, unless you are holding until hell freezes.. this could be a very long time. An then thinking about that; I'm not sure gold will be the proper paradigm even then. So I suggest that the long term holding of gold is not a wise decision from an investment viewpoint.

      • QWAK,fe4o3, As I said in an earlier post I am just "SAVING" in hard currency GOLD and some ware down the road perhaps arond $1000.00+ I may concider investing in things that are OBVIOUSELY way under priced because the CHEEP credit money is OUT of the GAME.

        Till then my money is off the table NO FIAT investments for ME just HARD CURRENCY!

        PHYSICAL SILVER is my next target to acumulate but would also like some PLATINUM too :)

        Any thing closely tied to FIAT PAPER I want no part of as the US DOLLAR tanks it WILL have an extream riple effect on other FIAT currencies and STOCKS and paper securities.

        So far the POG price increase has been mostly the US DOLLAR falling but it is starting to also move in other currencies and THAT is very signifigent as an indication that the other FIAT currencie are also starting to breaking down!

        the DUCK

    • A little gold price perspective:


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