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  • bettina_donazetti bettina_donazetti Nov 18, 2004 8:04 AM Flag

    Michael, do you agree with

    Barry Ritholtz in a Real Money article linked from Yahoo. Click on Yahoo logo for rest of story.

    Downtrend: This is the first rally to break the downtrend tracing back to late January 2004. That trend line (more or less) was where each of the prior rallies failed. Its penetration to the upside is a technical event of great significance. The previous trading pattern was selling the market at the top of the down channel and covering and going long near the lower channel line. The breakout changes the entire tone of the market: It shifts the stance of traders from selling rallies to buying dips.

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    • exactly.....i have always spouted off here that PE is irrelavent....and usually the stocks with the insanely hi PE's..are the one going UP...ebay ..rimm types....

      your point tho...of needing something going for it is the secret...stks can have hi PE's and not work...(go up) ..just as low PE doesn't necessarily make for a bargain...some have low PE'as for a reason...

    • Okay, one other thought about the PE. If the stock has an unreasonable PE then it has to have something wonderful going for it like a cure for cancer or a response to a rage. RIMM's Blackberry for example. Or that medical gene-based stock.

    • You, know, I've been there, with the best managers of the year. What were their names, the men and women of Janus, the guy at Robertson Stevens? How quickly we forget the Munder Net Net's of the world. Janus with their little filup of tech to sweeten every pie.

      And that independent wonder. Hmmm, can't recall his name, a first name like a last name. Not Throckmorton.

      Anyway, I've been around that block. I'm with Michael.

      But if you choose carefully you can, of course, make money with tech. What's that poker saying: know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em.

    • sound simple enough...thanks..i'll do a litte researh on it..and get back to you...

      thanx for answering..."short puts"

      very seriously..thanks!!

    • REGARDING: now will yhou address my ? does one short puts..or calls..breifly please..

      RESPONSE: One clicks "sell/short" rather than "buy" if using the computer, or by telling your broker to short.

    • i agree with you...basis a recent post...IF you/one finds something that works for you/them....wonderful..AND..what ever it is you

      >>now will yhou address my ? does one short puts..or calls..breifly please..

    • REGARDING: micheal..that should be about 2009..or enjoy the ride in the meantime..

      RESPONSE: Maybe..., maybe not!
      I prefer NOT to play Russian roulette. :)


      Michael Z.

    • micheal..that should be about 2009..or enjoy the ride in the meantime..

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    • BUD is on the nas...hum..i never fail to learn something new everyday..

      i'll check it out!!

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