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  • azalphainvestor azalphainvestor Dec 6, 2004 10:07 AM Flag

    Iraq War a Mistake... Musharraf

    Hmmm, Wonder if Canudle considers Musharraf an expert on Pakestan and Iraq:

    Musharraf: World 'less safe'
    Pakistan leader in London for talks with Blair

    LONDON, England (CNN) -- The U.S.-led invasion of Iraq was a mistake that has made the world a more dangerous place, but a swift withdrawal would make matters worse, Pakistan's president says.

    "I think it's less safe," Gen. Pervez Musharraf said on CNN's "Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer."

    Asked whether he considered the invasion a mistake, the Pakistani leader said: "With hindsight, yes. We have landed ourselves in more trouble, yes."

    Musharraf was in Washington on Saturday for a brief meeting with U.S. President George W. Bush before flying to London for talks Monday with British Prime Minister Tony Blair.,0,5490463.stor


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    • we get a bout 3 seasons here in n fla s ga...believe it or not..has even snowed a few times in the 30 yrs i've been down here....snow is's the slush you get when it melts that am happy never to see again... your right tho..would be nice to have a little snow for c-mas...can you send some....

    • It tells us something that Alf hasn't figured that out. Of course I am not sure I would pay for any financial advice he has posted, but it has been fairly obvious and harmless.

      I think lawyers, even those who don't comprehend the embarrassment of professing to be such, have a strong tendency to masochism.

      So, on days I felt mean, I was kind to him (Maybe you know a sadist is someone who is kind to a masochist (:-] ).

      Thanks for your conciliating thoughts, you are a diplomat. Of course you will now be treated poorly. That can be a badge of honor--


    • bear, There's only 1 kind of job, a real one.
      Weather stinks. It will get better in 5 months. But if one doesn't get the true 4 seasons, how can one enjoy life? What's Xmas without snow and cold?

    • do you have a real job...where have you been....out paddling around....beautiful boat weather down here...............

    • Alpha, are you too ignorant to put things in historical context? For decades, Hussein killed all who would do a good job but would not be loyal to Hussein. Since we won't accept a person who was loyal to Hussein, we have to train what is left. OJT in a war zone is not going to get you quick, qualified recruits and is not a very good environment to see them last long in their jobs, be it a regional administrator or a police officer. OJT takes time...... Time is a precious commodity in a war zone...... Why are you racing to judgement?

    • Alpha, I never called Friedman a fishwrap hack. I just won't willy nilly embrace each and every utterance of his. He has his deadlines, he is paid to fill up space. Sometimes he has contemplated positions, sometimes they illuminate those aborbing 'em. And, yes, sometimes he blows too hard and a different orifice inundates us with another type of essence. I wouldn't call him an 'expert' though. He is a talking head. Never held the reigns to anything. He has never shown he could implement a single idea of his. And without that, how would one know if the idea can exist in the real world? An expert must be able to 'exist' with his ideas implemented. Mr. Friedman never tried to pass this test. Neither has Krugman. Therefore, their opinions are no better than yours or mine.

    • BT... I expect more from you. I said quite a bit in that post regarding my thoughts on the Iraqi trainess including some of the possible explanations.

      And I have seldom hesitated offering my opinions. I had been quoting and supporting Friedman's views as long as I have been posting here. You saw and heard him on Russert and your mind opened up to what he was saying. Whether you share my "opinion" that he is an expert on the Middle East or Canudle's opinion that he is fishwrap hack is totally your choice. I should hope once you accept that Friedman is an expert and a gifted one at thtat respecting the middle east etc., you will be to reexamine why it is you so readily accept the bs that spews from canudle respecting world affairs.


    • i think heard somewhere..not to talk religion or politics with friends (or lend them money)................that you're saying the iraq-ies are too dumb to be trained??? said you don't know what it is.............well if you don't know...why are YOU calling spades spades and editorial writers experts etc etc??? just wondering!!

    • He's at least partly right, you know BT. Most reports indicate that the Iraqis are doing a piss poor job. I don't know whether it is training or dispostion or allegiance or what not. I certainly hope they will turn it around. And I dont mean to ignore the contribution of those few that show loyalty and valor. They are just too few and far between to have made a difference thus far. And you should be more willing to call a spade a spade and less anxious to lick FiBs; Boots.


    • Being as I had no illusions you could hear, let alone understand, I am neither dissapointed nor surprised by your answer. Right out of misguided Neo Central casting.

      You will always remain an ostrich with your head in the sand. I imagine you have been that way for a long long time. I guess if your about to get terminated or up the arse, you just would prefer not to see or acknowledge it. It is not an uncommon form cowardice and it is usually, as in your case, attached to "super patriot personality disorder."

      No need to send payment for the analysis. Just carry lots of rape and life insurance if you have any dependents.


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