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  • azalphainvestor azalphainvestor Dec 6, 2004 11:19 PM Flag

    Iraq Bad.bad bad

    December 7, 2004
    2 C.I.A. Reports Offer Warnings on Iraq's Path

    WASHINGTON, Dec. 6 - A classified cable sent by the Central Intelligence Agency's station chief in Baghdad has warned that the situation in Iraq is deteriorating and may not rebound any time soon, according to government officials.

    The cable, sent late last month as the officer ended a yearlong tour, presented a bleak assessment on matters of politics, economics and security, the officials said. They said its basic conclusions had been echoed in briefings presented by a senior C.I.A. official who recently visited Iraq.

    The officials described the two assessments as having been "mixed," saying that they did describe Iraq as having made important progress, particularly in terms of its political process, and credited Iraqis with being resilient.

    But over all, the officials described the station chief's cable in particular as an unvarnished assessment of the difficulties ahead in Iraq. They said it warned that the security situation was likely to get worse, including more violence and sectarian clashes, unless there were marked improvements soon on the part of the Iraqi government, in terms of its ability to assert authority and to build the economy.

    Together, the appraisals, which follow several other such warnings from officials in Washington and in the field, were much more pessimistic than the public picture being offered by the Bush administration before the elections scheduled for Iraq next month, the officials said. The cable was sent to C.I.A. headquarters after American forces completed what military commanders have described as a significant victory, with the retaking of Falluja, a principal base of the Iraqi insurgency, in mid-November.

    The American ambassador to Iraq, John D. Negroponte, was said by the officials to have filed a written dissent, objecting to one finding as too harsh, on the ground that the United States had made more progress than was described in combating the Iraqi insurgency. But the top American military commander in Iraq, Gen. George W. Casey Jr., also reviewed the cable and initially offered no objections, the officials said. One official said, however, that General Casey may have voiced objections in recent days."


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    • Frankly you can diddle FiBs all you want. He'd probably enjoy that. Of course both of you could use some education that about only the Times could provide. Better not though. Ignorance remains bliss.


    • FiBs.. You are sometimes so simple minded that nothing much surprises me regarding what comes out of your posts.

      So when you whine, because you whine and have the nerve to call others whiners, I can only sigh.

      As for your recognizing the enligntenment in ideas with which you neither agree nor understand, I'm not so foolish.

      But you keep spreading the false gospel about Iraq having something to do with our security. You are the homeowner running after the two sixth graders that threw an egg at your house. And while you are running down the street, the James gang is ransacking your house, raping and murdering your family.

      You are such a fool.


    • i'll give that a "ditto"...BUT..still think alph is a pretty good guy...just mis-guided...too much NYT

    • Iraq is a quagmire, Iran and N. Korea are festering, you always want more or less to be done, when something is explained you have the pseudo-nerve to refer to those trying to improve your muddled thinking as whiners, etc., and, like your recent prez candidate, you are a black hole of ideas.

      While constructive citizens work and die to save your deficient butt.

      You ask what Iraq is about, I tell you it is about our own security, and you meander along none the wiser for wasting time/words on your improvement.

      You are a henceforth a certified bore.


    • you are correct imo too..coulter is no expert in world affairs...however..she IS* an expert of sorts on the thinking of the far left (of may.. or may not be a part of) :')

    • i don't have a problem with friedman...but he ain't in my local paper...coulter is IS*...AND thus she helps me to understand the thinking of the far left....(or perhaps the main stream left)....<not the first time i've posted a A/C column here> posting newspaper columns is okay ..isn't it?

    • And in substance couldn't dissagree more with her column. Of course I read the Times and a lot of other meida and except on conservative talk show didn't hear a single person make a sterotypical let alone rascist remark about either Rice or Thoams. Guess, however, with the media being tens of thosands of pissants now, you can find all types of examples. Just wish if they were gonna be cited and projected as "X," they be at least typical.

      Sorry, Ann Coulter doesn't make my expert in world affairs' list. Just mcuh to shallow and without sufficient real experience.


    • Bear.. you venturing out from that safe annonymitty. YOu adopting the persona or political views of lady Anne Coulter. Why how kool. Im stickin with Friedman.


    • And you know something, FiBs... respecting the working to improve our security, I have always given the President some credit. However this Iraqi misadventure is so far off the mark and so expensively so that someone has to get his head out of the clouds and get down at least toward street level.

      A much uglier and dangerous situation is festering in N Korea and Iran and we are mired in Iraq. And in what looks to me like, Iraq's civil war or at least prelude to it.


    • Woodie and his pal, Rocky, had a few too many last Saturday night and woodie barfed on himself.

      "Oh hell!" exclaimed woodie, "Gertrude is going to be all over me for this!"

      "Don't worry," said Rocky, "give me $20 and I'll fix it for you."

      So woodie handed Rocky the money. Rocky folded it and pushed it through the puke into woodie's shirt pocket, saying "Now, when you get home, just tell Gertie you were here talking to a few business associates and a guy accidently threw up on you, apologized profusely, and gave you $20 to have your shirt cleaned."

      "Wow!" said woodie, "that's great." So they stayed a few more hours and had several more drinks.

      Finally, the bar was closing and woodie, by now thoroughly soused as usual, stumbled home. Having no concern and even a little proud of his cover story, he thumped up the stairs and bumped into his bedroom, awakening Gertrude. She slowly sat up and said: "Yuck, look at you, you're drunk, you've barfed all over yourself, you're a mess, you stink, and you are disgusting."

      "Neow-w-w hol-ld on-n," said woodie, "Ah-h wuz ju-u-st tal-uh-talkin to-o biz-znuss frin-nds, wun had-d uh li-itul acksdent. B-but he wuz r-e-eal sor-ry und ga-ve m-me $20 to-o c-clean muh sh-shirt."

      Not sure to believe him, Gertrude delicately fished the money from woodie's shirt pocket and exclaimed: "There is $40 here!"

      "W-well," said woodie "H-he al-so s-shit my pants."


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