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  • edmund4444 edmund4444 Dec 8, 2004 9:13 AM Flag

    Where is the Duck

    I noticed the Duck left for a while. I was really starting to enjoy his humor. I hope he returns as he kept this board in check.

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    • The Duck is analchorrd. He expects lurkers to assume that analchorrd is me.
      Then he posts some horrid crap as analchorrd, and then replies as the duck in a calm happy post so that analchorrd looks like a jerk.
      But you're analchorrd, duck dope.
      And no one, not one person, is fooled.
      Look at the last two analchorrd posts, and look at the duck's immediate responce last night.
      You're busted duck.
      Here's a cookie.

    • Duck, that wasn't analchord, it was analchorrd.
      Now, I know you're the dyslexic unimoron and everything, who cant read or write, and who has to act like a duck no matter what, but you're a waste of time because you're just not smart enough to see two r's vs one r.
      Here's a cookie.
      Now go play with the decoys.

    • QWAK,analchord, IF the ARMY could not stop me from doing things MY WAY, even using TORTURE, do you actualy even in your wildest DREAM think your being a pain in the um er neck(?) would,could or will ever, be any thing more than a JOKE to ME?

      I GOT to BE ME and I LIKE being ME!

      Most likely had I not gone in to the army I would be working today some ware in the back ground, just fixing broken things and I likely would seldom confront AUTHORITY, but after the army I knew I was so good at fixing things that THEY needed ME and I don't take S**T from NO BODY. Too many people out there who THINK they can hand it out and get away with it because MOST people don't /won't push back-------until they run in to ME!

      It's kind of a curse, when I know I'm right I never STOP,may change direction but NEVER STOP!

      HE HE HE
      the DUCK




      You'd better rinse out and shut your pie and corn hole, no more posts from or about you or any containing your name in the subject line. I'm just so sick of it, I can't take it anymore. You gotta stop, man!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wow, retard. 5 posts in a row??? And the 5th post contained 2 links??? You have the temp on your homemade hot tub too high hump monkey.
      LOL, ROTFLMFAO!!!!Don't you realize that you are a target and that you must be terminated? I have spoken.

    • Who can argue with logic, (and syntax), like that?
      How could an adult post that much inaccurate information about the commodity market?
      Look, dont take my word for it.
      Show any one of the last 8000 posts to your family of stock brokers.
      They'll put you away for a nice long vacation at the funny farm.
      You so fun.

    • Qwak,Bear, If you one day manage to make your way to the DUCK NEST, I will of corse light a camp fire for you TOO! :)

      That is why I bought this place,to SHARE it with others,more FUN that way!

      Problem WAS that all threw the 80s and 90s no one BELIEVED and wanted to HELP with all the hard work! Sort of a "little RED HEN" thing only with a "DUCK" you see? ;)

      I imagin IF it does get as BAD as it potentialy COULD----I am going to get a lot of old friends calling in!

      I can't take any of it with me so SHARING is still what it is about for ME!

      the DUCK

    • D'oh!

    • FUNNY Funny funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • elvis................spotted in a store in grand rapids mi

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