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  • azalphainvestor azalphainvestor Jan 20, 2005 10:07 AM Flag

    Alpha, Iran Gate's journalist on K&C

    Your criticisms of Friedman are those of a near madman. Say what you want about me, but criticising Friedman in the fashion you employ mostly says how narrow and idelogical your views truly are internationally speaking.

    You only posses snipets of what's happening. Your analysis of Europe expeceally France and Germany poorly discounts the stenght and importance of the anti-americanism. The fact that you believe their leaders are disliked by their fellow countrymen only adds to the significance of this sentiment. You have given only superficial thought to the phenomena. Instead of recognizing that it is a rejection of American leadership and Europes understanding of our values and priorities, you elect to see it as a political ploy. Hardly.

    Bush and Co's International policies are being soundly rejected. Adn it is not because Europe is moribound or anti-action. They participated in the liberation of Bosnia.

    Europe has more realistic view of the limits of military power. Perhaps their leaders better understand the Arab mind and disposition. Perhaps they saw more clearly what the Bush Administration refused to see adn rejected from its professional military leadership before the Iraq misadventure began. Perhaps htey better recognized that Iraq would be extremely difficult to pacify. Perhaps they better understood what Saddam meant when he talked about the Mother of all guerilla wars.

    The Neo plan of blietzkrieg and open arms was naive. Disbanding the Security forces from the Military ot the local police was the height of hubris. Instead of reforming these necesarry forces with fresh leadership and newly forged alliances and values, Bush elected to reinvent the wheel. This became an easy target for the anti-american insurgents. It is without much doubt the achilles heal of this maisadventure. Iraq will never be secure without a signinficant and competent military presence. And, unfortuantely, it is likely to be sevearl years, several thousands more ameican military deaths and several more 100 billion dollars before that is accomplished.

    Iraq may be safer. But the cost in time, money and attention to the rest of the terrorist threats and rogue states will become terribly clear. Bush and the Neos have created a Frankenstein. A Black hole. Unintentionally, he has gifte al qaeda, N. Korea, Iran, Syria and even Libya a modified free pass. In that respect Iraq is not only like Vietnam, it is worse.

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    • as the duck says....NOTHING is free....

      RE: But the cost in time, money and attention to the rest of the terrorist threats and rogue states will become terribly clear. Bush and the Neos have created a Frankenstein

      >>nothing ventured..nothing gained!

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      • Bear. Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew. Sometimes you have to cut your losses short. I know that yhou yourslef employ such logic in your investments. Maybe it is time for you, the Neos and the Administration to review Iraq and stop throwing good money after bad.


      • QWAK,Bear ">>nothing ventured..nothing gained!" better, "Nothing VENTURED.. NOTHING LOST!"

        It is a HUGE mistake to believe the USA has UNLIMITED RESOURCES, the reality is our resources are very LIMITED and we have been operating on barrowed resources for a long time!

        An even biger mistake is to believe that any one,group or government is TOO BIG TO FALL!

        History shows this to be a FACT but every time the leaders get so full of them selves they excead the limits and the result is destruction on a grand scale!

        There REALY is "NOTHING for FREE", the only question is WHEN we must PAY and perhaps HOW MUCH that will be?

        the DUCK

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