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  • allisonkraus allisonkraus Jan 31, 2005 8:19 AM Flag

    Saudi Insurgents cry for free elections

    In a speech yesterday, Bush said, "This is a great day for tyranny. One hundred percent of the Saudi People did not vote. The insurgent thugs vied for the vote, but the Royal Family was not intimdated, and not one vote was cast."
    Asked when troops might be sent to help, Bush replied, "You cant put a timetable on a thing like that, it would only encourage the rebels who want the vote. We'll stay out until the Royal Family tells us differently."

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    • QWAK,analchord, Life is an ADVENTURE and it is NEVER realy over---- it just CHANGES.

      If YOU will not stand for TRUTH and REALITY, than "SIT DOWN,take your MEDS and stop talking CRAZY!"

      I can only surmise that your last incoherent out burst was the result of the side effects of your last theripy session and that the "TASR BUTT PLUG" has damaged your BRAIN as it is located too close to the proxcimity of the device! ;)

      Either THAT or you are just INSANE! :)

      LOL,You SOoooooooo FUN!!
      the DUCK

    • That's a lie, DUCK!
      You're nothing but a greedy, yet somehow miserly bucaneer, and a dirty backstabber.
      Anyone who deals with you or trusts you one inch will find themselves with no girlfriend or horse, no whiskey, and even the gold fillings in their teeth missing.
      I've heard of Pirates with gangplanks, and Pirates with yardarms, and even a parrot.
      But a Duck Pirate with a keyboard?
      That I wont stand for.
      There's a new category on the Yahoo "report abuse" page. Along with "Harrassment, Obscenity, and Spam", there's now "Outmarooned". It's by far the most serious of the abuses.
      Dont make me outmaroon you, Duck.

    • QWAK,Bear,One of my first jobs was working for a CAR DEALER doing USED CAR prep and repair. A man had bought a 2 year old Cricler (sp) 300 or perhaps it was an Imperial (it was a long time ago) He came in with a list of problems one being the drivers power window did not work. I spent a day fixing all the rattels and other problems and when I opened the door found that all that was wrong was that a wire had snaged on somthing and pulled the conector apart. I put it together and taped it out of the way so it would NEVER happen agen. When the man came threw he stoped to talk to me and I was happy to tell him I had fixed every thing and how simple it was to fix his window.

      When the man got his BILL he was charged $60.00 for a window regulator motor and the SHIT hit the FAN!

      Two days later I got FIRED (the ONLY job I was EVER fired from) and I needed that $3.50 an HR job to help pay for collage! I got FIRED for doing a GOOD JOB and telling the TRUTH!

      Over the years I QUIT jobs because I would not help CHEET and RIP off customers----I may never be RICH or WEALTHY but I have and WILL survive and will do so with out doing to OTHERS what IF it was done to ME, I would see as WRONG!

      I'm NOT saying it has been EASY---far from it, BUT it was and IS the RIGHT way to BE and THINK about dealing with OTHERS and living in society!

      Being a SCOUNDREL and cheeting others is DISHONIST and it helps make a BAD situation just that much WORSE,it may have become the ACCEPTED NORM but it is ALSO why much of the WORLD sees so many AMERICANS as UGLY, yet WE do NOT see it our selves as we have been BLINDED to REALITY!

      The words HONOR and INTEGRITY have been DEBASED, just like OUR MONEY and for the same reason ----- GREED!

      the DUCK

    • RE: QWAK,Bear,Sounds like with out any more effort, YOU could have an ETHICS problem, on par with a USED CAR sales man selling LEMONS to people who need basic transportation just to get to work and earn a living and feed their familys.

      >>been there done know how many cars i had to repo from those nice hard working people you speak of.....(in cidently..all the vehicles were in good running condition when 'sold'...hardly lemons...)...then there were those who's car i couldn't repo..cause we couldn't find em...(and keep in mind it wasn't their car..they hadn't made the pmts)....

      anyway...your idealic high on a mountain world sounds wonderful..possibly like the garden of eden with a hot tub....however..most of the rest of us have to live in the real world...which amounts to doing something to earn a it digging ditches or selling used cars.....

      the free lunch is downtown at the soup kitchen..

    • QWAK,dog,It is hard NOT to become that which you apose or to just give in or just sell out,I dbout any can WALK the LINE and never TRIP but one should not stop trying because THEN is when you REALY lose ----- your SELF, and give up free will and your RIGHT to CHOSE and---- "THEY WIN!"

      the DUCK

    • Duck,

      There is more than a little truth in what you say. The dilemma that we all face re ethics/morality is that far too often we find the deck stacked against the common man(us) by the very elected govt that we sent to office. It is a Dog eat Dog world out there literally.

      It is sad that so few really attempt to learn by study, listening, and reading. Too much rhetoric and not enough thought. I have some difference with you but at the end of the day I am certain there is a lot of agreement between us.


    • QWAK,Bear,Sounds like with out any more effort, YOU could have an ETHICS problem, on par with a USED CAR sales man selling LEMONS to people who need basic transportation just to get to work and earn a living and feed their familys.

      Not somthing I personaly would be PROUD of, or see as HONERABLE, reguardless of how much money that person may have or get.

      GREED blinds one from seeing: What we do to OTHERS we do to our selves, because IF it is unfair or taking unfair advantage, it helps make this WORLD a more HELLISH place and WE ALL got to live in it!

      If every one is trying to get OVER on every one else, WE are EACH, "EVERY ONE ELSE" trying to SURVIVE in a HOSTILE REALITY!

      It is YOUR free choice and free will, but THAT kind of thinking is WHY life is SO HARD!

      the DUCK

    • That depends Jelly. Respecting my life and things I look at the full part and don't dwell too mcuh on the empty. In things life and death and national policy, I like to look as objectively as possible.

      Those that have followed my posts know how positive I am respecting the US economy. I am positive about afghanistan. I am dubious respecting what has transpired post invasion in Iraq. I do not believe Bush and teh NeoCons had a clue that the resistance that has developed would develop, notwithstanding sober advise that it could. I do not believe that Bush and Co understood the depth of anti-american sentiment and the difficulty of building an Iraqi security force from scratch. I could go on, but most know my postition with respect to the Iraqi misadventure. Too great a price for so little reward.


    • duckie...well the good news and alph can agree on one thing at the very least...

      altho you are correct as outlined...i still rather have a glass full of foam rather than 1/2 full..............the trick is to sell the foam to the next sucker for it pops and PT barnam once said.....__________________...u got to be qwick tho

    • QWAK,Bear As I have often said befor the REAL problem is NOT if the glass is 1/2 full or 1/2 empty, the GLASS is FULL, but it is full of FOAM and when the FOAM/BUBBELS all pop and settle out the GLASS is damn near EMPTY!

      If it is only 1/2 full of FOAM it is that much MORE near EMPTY!

      the DUCK

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