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  • fe4o3 fe4o3 Feb 21, 2005 5:18 PM Flag

    Friedman sees US strategy success

    Duck are you losing it? Every one who takes issue with you or your position is designated an idiot or a jackass or other similar nominative form. Why should anyone venture into dialectic with you? You used to be a 'fun guy' for general discourse. Now you are beginning to look like a 'fungi' on this board. I liked the old Duck a lot better. Thank God we didn't all come out of the same mold, this would really be boring.
    Maybe we need Old man River back, I liked the older, friendlier board, with his rare humor. We need to be able to laugh at each other. We used to do that. You also ignore any points one may be trying to make.
    An old quote from Churchill -"He stated that in rare instances one might actually stumble over truth. But most of us are able to pick ourselves up and proceed as if nothing happened. Have you actually learned anything from anyone on this board?
    For your information, it is actually possible for every one to learn something from everyone else. However, we need to be open, or others flat out won�t waist their time on us. Question, is there any point in our responding to you? I�m currently pointing my finger at you, realizing that when I do so 3 are pointing back at me.

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