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  • canucanoe1 canucanoe1 Feb 17, 2005 6:47 AM Flag

    Friedman sees US strategy success

    Alpha, why don't you? Friedman today added more accolades to the new American Middle East strategy. He sees that Lebanon found our commitments to the Middle East, yes... commitments of blood and muscle, allow it to seek its independence from an occupier since the Carter Administration. Yes, for 25+ years, the US stood by and permitted Syria to squash Lebanon, milk it dry. Only when we committed to the Middle East the necessary ingredient, force, did Lebanese have the wherewithal to act against a Dictatorship. Someday, you will open your eyes.

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    • Canu, the logic in your post, and Friedman's column, is that US troops have to bring democracy to Lebanon.
      Did you know that Russia sold Syria some new missiles.
      I dont think Syria will have any problem brushing aside any democratic revolutions in Lebanon.
      I wonder where Syria will aim those missiles?
      I dont know, I cant think of any place.
      Hmmm. I'm drawing a blank. Could it be.....ISRAEL????

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      • mr_analchord, I don't see how you jumped to that conclusion. I do not feel that US troops must take Lebanon. Totally unnecessary. What I wrote is that by showing muscle in Iraq we have changed Middle East dynamics. We have given support, and hope, to those that are not radicals. To the Middle East middle class. And they are exerting themselves to better their lives at the expense of the Dictators of the Middle East. The 'child' Dictator of Syria will continue to retreat until his 'court' gets fed up with him. He really is in trouble. Ostracized by the West with blood thirsty supporters, his bed is made. They will move against him when he makes their life uncomfortable. Their succeeding effort to establish a new dictatorship will not work and Syria will move to democracy or a civil war. I give it 3 years. Saddam's Baath party will play a role in Syria. Isreal just needs to wait. Just as we did for decades with the USSR.

    • REGARDING: Alpha, why don't you? Friedman today added more accolades to the new American Middle East strategy.

      RESPONSE: Harvey..., you will never open your eyes.
      Even when faced with the results within the next year, you will not believe or agree.
      Friedman appears to be astride a horse he loves or is being paid to ride, but doesn't realize he is on the wrong horse.

    • Canudle. After Ive had a chance to read and digest Friedman, I'll certainly reply. Two points however immidiately come to mind:

      1. Is this the same Friedman you have been lampooning for months as a light weight pundit. Are you now acknowledging that he is the most insightful as well as knowledgble writer/thinker on teh Middle East.

      2. Never said force was not an important ingredient in the middle east. The record is replete with my support of the invasion of Afghanistand as well as the invasion of Iraq and ouster of Hussein. That doesn't stop the criticism on how badly that invasion was done. The multiple mistakes, the unnecessarry deaths, the bloody drawn out war, the lack of Iraqi troops fighting for their freedom. Bush may get there, but it doesnt change the fact that he took the wrong road and wrecked the vehicle on the way. Understand Harvey.


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      • Alpha, re. your points:

        1. Friedman is your man. For me, he is just a journalist. Average most of the time, every so often below or above average.

        2. War is never 'A to B'. It is messy, ugly, unknown and there are no instructions. Your criticisms are valid without context. That's the 'beauty' of war, if I may be allowed to present war that way. With context, everyone who felt we should go into Iraq, within a war context, should be more cirumspect in their criticism and more accepting of what occurs during a war. I find it sad that you feel 'war' can be waged so surgically that vehicles don't get wrecked along the way.

    • don't count on it..he has been "indoctrinated"

    • bear, re:

      >>>>> my ? >> how does he know what the results within the next year

      this is AMAZING INSIGHT on his part<<<

      Not at all. Standard for all people who see what they want to see.

    • QWAK,alpha,I am SHURE you DO, how ever I highly DBOUT any were as SAFE as PHYSICAL GOLD or SILVER and to ME that is the HIGHEST PRIORITY, not having the posability of LOSING a substantial portion or totaly lose the monies invested.

      That AND the extreamly HIGH potential that the invested funds may likely OUT PREFORM most STOCKS and STOCK FUNDS and the added BONUS of NO TAXES makes HOLDING physical GOLD and SILVER #1 for ME!

      I DON'T like GAMBELING, it is the sign of a child like mind!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,mikiesmoky,You are a POMPUS JACK ASS who would like to define for others the words and meanings that express the values of their lives.

      You would have been in your glorey at one of the INQUSITIONS as grand inqusiter handing out PAIN and TORTURE as YOU hid your own HIPOCRACY!

      Perhaps it was one of your previous lives and ou have yet to LEARN from prior experiences?

      In any event the GREATIST cheeting going on in this country has been going on by the GOVERNMENT and the BANKERS debsaing the currency since 1913 and RESISTENCE to CORUPTION is NOT CHEETING,is is the choice for SURVIVAL over forced INSLAVMENT!

      UNJUST TAXATION is TERIONY and should be AVOIDED and RESISTED------it is the AMERICAN WAY and it has ALWAYS been that way!

      You blow more HOT AIR than an industrial cloths dryer!

      the DUCK

    • REGARDING: Gold is money. One doesn't tax money in its basic state. One taxes the use of money.

      RESPONSE: Apparently, you have no concept of money.

      Attempt to understand worth and federal notes (representations of money)

      HINT: Think "numbers".

      By the way, gold is a commodity. It has worth, which fluctuates based upon various factors, most notably good old supply-demand, but includes other factors such as anticipated inflation, geo-economics, and geopolitics.

    • fe4o3, my point is everyone minimizes their costs.

    • If you care to check out the "crime of 1893", check the Encyclopedia Britannica. This new internet is great! Incidently, I don't expect you have an encyclopedia, but you can check it out on the internet. This is fun

      $bill bryan

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